Barefeet Blogger of Bandra With Street Musicians From Croatia

Barefeet Blogger of Bandra With Street Musicians From Croatia

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This was shot last evening at my workspace as both Damir and Zlatko set out for Carter Road to play music for the crowds and supplement their savings for their stay in Mumbai, they are staying at St Peter Church Bandra thanks to Fr Jaun.

Fr Jaun the parish priest is Jesus in disguise he feeds the poor takes care of the needy and above all he respects Marathi Asmita he speaks fluent Marathi , and though he is a Spaniard his home is Mumbai.

After late Fr Stephen Nazareth who was my friend guide and mentor this is the second priest in 55 years of my life I respect and hold in the highest regard..

I have met many Roman Catholic priests but none like Fr Juan, many years back he had come to bless a Christian house at Kamla Bai Sadan De Monte Street where we stayed and I saw Fr Juan , he did not know my house , I invited him and with his presence he blessed me and my family.

The present house he has never seen , for his visit to his nephews wedding in Spain , I made him a Indo Fusion high collar suit and he looked glamorous in spite of his humility dignity and grace., and that he has given shelter to these peace loving musicians from Croatia means a lot to me , these two Damir and Zlatko are touring the world on cycles.

And I met Fr Juan through my brother in Christ Darryl Loyola the only true Christian heartbeat of Bandra. Darryl too has helped me in my bad times..he calls me Feroze Loyola I call him Darryl Shakir speaks volumes of our love for each other.

Damir and Zlatko are stranded in Mumbai need help to catch a ship to Iran and so they were in town for the onward visas but came back helpless , from Iran they will cycle their way back to Croatia.

They greet me with Salam Wale Kum and respect me a lot and I hardly know them but the spirit of my beloved city demands I help them where humanly possible..I am going through very bad times myself but I am doing all I can for them.

Tomorrow I have asked them to go and play at Juhu and if they get permission at Prithvi Theater a place for all art lovers and lovers of music.

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