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UIRWAY Privacy Screen Balcony Fence 3.3×19.7′, Garden Courtyard Privacy Fence Screen with Zip Ties UV Protection, for Animal Barriers, Decks, Patios, Outdoor Pools, Porches, Condo Railings – Brown

Price: $29.99
(as of Apr 28, 2024 17:20:23 UTC – Details)

【Fantastic balcony privacy screen】UIRWAY balcony privacy screen made of 180gsm high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. Our balcony privacy screen design allows for ample ventilation while being able to block 95% of harmful UV rays. In addition, our balcony privacy fence also plays a role in dust prevention, protecting your balcony from being clean and tidy all the time.
【Fantastic balcony privacy screen】UIRWAY balcony privacy screen made of 180gsm high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. Our balcony privacy screen design allows for ample ventilation while being able to block 95% of harmful UV rays. In addition, our balcony privacy fence also plays a role in dust prevention, protecting your balcony from being clean and tidy all the time.
【Easy to Install】The balcony fence privacy screen is equipped with two kinds of rolling strips for selection. The perfect combination of high-quality aluminum buckle and rolling strip can fix the balcony privacy fence screen on the balcony and installs it easily in minutes. All seams are reinforced, and durable even in harsh weather.
【Protect Your Family】Protect your privacy more effectively while preventing small children from falling and accidents, and also works great against barking pets. Our balcony netting ensures that your balcony is safe for all family members.
【Wide Range of Use】You can use balcony netting on different occasions: balcony, pet fence, yard fence, construction site construction, vegetable garden plant protection fence, tennis court, swimming pool, etc.
【Excellent Service】If you have any installation and product-related quality advice questions, please feel free to contact us. High-quality after-sales service is the guarantee we provide for you!

Decorative Fences Outdoor Décor Patio - Lawn & Garden

8in x 11.8ft Garden Fence- Sturdy Pine Wood Border Edging Aesthetic Landscape Border, Easy to Install Wooden Yard Fence, No Fading Planter Fencing for Outdoor Flower Bed Lawns Pathway Tree

Price: $51.99
(as of Apr 23, 2024 23:37:34 UTC – Details)

Are you still troubled by the frequent damage of plants and flowers by poultry or other animals?
Do you want to create a beautiful garden around existing flowers?
Our wood garden fence can protect your plants and flowers and make your garden more beautiful!

1. Made of high-quality pine, which has been carbonized, has strong weather resistance and is durable.
2. It is connected by metal leather wire, not easy to break, and can be bent and disassembled at will to form a variety of shapes.
3. The bottom is designed with chamfered corners, which has a beautiful appearance and is widely used in gardens and lawns.
4. The wood landscape border is a good isolation tool, enclosing flowers and plants to avoid animal damage.

Product Specifications:
Material: pine
Dimensions: 8in x 11.8ft
Color: tan
Package content: 1 wood garden border

Sturdy Material: Our garden wooden fences are made of high-quality pine wood, carbonized at high temperatures, have strong corrosion and weather resistance, and will not fade after long-term use. No longer worry about the influence of bad weather such as wind and rain; it is not easy to break and is durable.
Thick Metal Inner Core Connection: This wooden edging for landscaping is connected by thick metal wire, which is stronger than connected with nails, the wood board will not fall off, the double-strand metal leather wire connection is not easy to break, and the strong is doubled.
Aesthetic Garden Decor: The wood landscape border is designed with wooden stakes, the upper part is flush and the top is a chamfered shape, the beautiful appearance adds the idyllic atmosphere. Measures 8in x 11.8ft and is great for protecting your flowers and other plants.
Easy to Install: The bottom of our garden fence comes with tips, you only need to use it to surround your garden or beloved tree, and then insert it in the right place to complete the three-dimensional installation. The operation is very simple, not require professional skills. And the product comes with an instruction manual.
Wide Applications: The flexible border edging woods are connected by metal wires, which can be bent, assembled, and disassembled at will to form a variety of shapes such as round and square. Mainly suitable for lawns, gardens, yards, and other places, it can also be used as an exquisite gift for gardening lovers.

Decorative Fences Outdoor Décor Patio - Lawn & Garden

Animal Barrier Fence, 19 Pcs 12In(H) x 20.5Ft(L) Upgrade 1.26 in Gap Decorative Fences No Dig Fence for Rabbit and Dog, Rustproof Metal Wire Garden Fence Border for Garden Patio Landscaping

Price: $56.99
(as of Apr 16, 2024 03:20:24 UTC – Details)

Product Description

dig defense animal barrierdig defense animal barrier

garden fence animal barrier garden fence animal barrier

Upgraded Dig Defense Gap

yard fence yard fence

Upgraded yard fence gap is reduced to 1.26 inches, which can more effectively prevent pets from breaking free from the gap to escape or other small animals from entering and damaging your garden and yard.

no dig fence panels no dig fence panels

decorative fencesdecorative fences

fencing for yardfencing for yard

garden fencinggarden fencing

Practical garden fence animal barrier

Protect your garden from other small animals entering and destroying it.

Protect your home facilities

Ever have small animals sneaking into your household facilities? Or rummaging through your outdoor trash can? Leave it to our Dig Defense Fence!

Simple Garden Fence

When you need, our fence can also be used as a decorative garden fence to add a modern touch to your garden.

dog fence outdoordog fence outdoor

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4.3 out of 5 stars

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Number of pieces
10 PCS 19 PCS 10 PCS 19 PCS 2 Panel

Total Length
10.83 ft 20.5 ft 11 ft 6.5 ft 6.40 ft

Single Panel
13″W x 12″H 13″W x 12″H 13.2″W x 22″H 13.2″W x 22″H 38.4″W x 42.3″H

Iron Iron Iron Iron Wood

Black Black Black Black Paintable

👉【Upgraded Dig Defense Gap】Upgraded yard fence gap is reduced to 1.26 inches, Blingluck Animal Barrier Fence – a set of 19 rustproof metal wire garden fences designed to prevent pets from escaping or small animals from entering and damaging your yard. You will receive 19 pcs garden fencing , zip ties and snaps, total length about 20.5 ft.
👉【Hard and Rustproof】The metal fence is welded by thick metal wire, in this process we especially improve the welding strength, it will makes the fence panel welded more tightly and not easy to crack. The surface is baked with paint treatment, it can effectively prevent rusting. Even in bad weather, it can continue to work for a long time, strong and durable.
👉【Flexible and easy to install】 No more struggling with your old fence – Blingluck Animal Barrier Fence is here to save the day!Blingluck metal fencing has pre-determined drop points at the top for you to hammer to install. Each garden fence set is equipped with snaps to easily attach the fence.
👉【Wide Application】This pet fence is perfect for use in gardens, lawns, vegetable gardens and road edges to form a protective garden border. Say goodbye to the frustration of finding your vegetable patch dug up by pesky rabbits or your flower beds trampled by wandering dogs – the Blingluck Animal Barrier Fence is here to protect your garden from all kinds of unwanted intruders.It will also prevent your beloved pet from leaving you.
💖 【Customer Service】Order now and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your garden is protected by the highest quality animal barrier fence on the market – backed by our unbeatable customer service guarantee.If you have any questions during use, please feel free to contact us. We are here and happy to help you!

Decorative Fences Outdoor Décor Patio - Lawn & Garden

LOVE STORY 3’x10′ Charcoal Balcony Privacy Screen Fencing Cover -HDPE Material 90% UV Protection, Weather-Resistant Heavy Duty Shield for Outdoor Pool, Deck Railing, Patio, Backyard, Porch

Price: $33.97 - $19.98
(as of Apr 04, 2024 10:09:20 UTC – Details)

From the brand



LOVE STORY is committed to providing professional patio leisure products such as shade sails, patio umbrellas, privacy screens, hammocks.

Since its establishment, LOVE STORY has always pursued to win the reputation of users with high-quality products and good shopping experience; the products have entered the markets of more than 20 countries like Europe, North America, and Japan, and have become a popular Internet brand in the field of shades.









Dark Green



(Breathable Material &90% Blockage )Made with 100% 175 GSM new high density polyethylene(HDPE) material–no recycled materials used,more healthy and safe. Allow breeze and light pass through for better comfort space. Commercial solid fabric can achieve 90% blockage to meet your requirement.Deck Shield Cover is perfect for Backyard Deck, Patio, Balcony Pool, Porch Railing.
(Perfect Size & The Durability Is Awesome ) Product measure exactly 3’ tall x10’ long,suitable for 3′ tall chain link fence.Anti-oxidation treatment of fence screen , 3cm hemming, evenly buckled on four sides with aluminum grommets , more durable and increased service life. Privacy Screen can be used in all seasons, under all kinds of weather conditions like snow, windy, rainy, exposure, etc.
(Suitable Place & Notice )90% shading rate,prefect for your deck in backyard, patio,swimming pool,window shades,tennis court or other outdoor areas.Please keep away from open flames and do not pull too tightly during installation.
(Free Zip Ties & Easy To Install)Zip Ties are included in the package.You can use them to tie on the fence and easy to set up or remove, no tools necessary.
(Reduce Your Budget)We are brand suppliers,so you know you’re saving your budget and getting the best price.Fence screen from Love Story are an excellent solution to protect your privacy space and more clean and tidy.

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Samamixx Decorative Garden Fence, 10 Panels No Dig Metal Fencing 10.83ft(L) × 22in(H) Animal Barrier Border for Dog, Landscape Edging with No-Dig Stakes for Yard Lawn Patio Flower Beds Outdoor

Price: $36.98
(as of Apr 04, 2024 06:18:23 UTC – Details)

From the brand


Samamixx Garden Fence



At Samamixx, we approach each new fence project as an opportunity to build a relationship.

We see our role as “your fencing expert”, working with us to realize a solution to whatever your fencing problem may be.

For more detailed information about our products, just keep scrolling!

Samamixx No Dig Fence

Why do you need a garden fence?

Garden fences are typically used to keep things in, such as pets or children, or to keep things out, such as deer or other animals. Also can be used to provide privacy, create a sense of enclosure, and define property lines.

On the fence about which fence company to work with?

Here at Samamixx, we always aim to provide the best craftsmanship and service.

When you choose Samamixx, you’re choosing a fence company with the passion, knowledge, and drive to get your job done right.







<Made for the Garden> The Iris Metal Garden Fence Border by Samamixx extremely versatile as an animal barrier fence, tree fence, vegetable fencing, path edging fence, patio landscape fencing. Unique curved design instantly adds beauty and elegance to your garden, flower beds or walkway for years to come.
<Achieve Better Protection> Instead of the traditional snap design, our fence uses an Interlocking Cylinder System. Metal stakes are designed with rounded ball tips to protect from injury. Plug the metal rods in the ground for a stable setup almost anywhere.
<No Digging Required> Each fence panel measures out to be 16.93″ high and 13.19″ wide with a 16.93″ metal stake, 10 panels & 11 stakes in total; Connect all 10 panels to create a 130″/10.83ft fence; In-ground height is 22.65″. With the help of your mallet or hammer, just place the panels together by passing the stakes through the eyelets into ground, then join the panels together. It’s important to hammer it in about 6″ deep to ensure the stake is well supported and secure.
<Durable Iron Construction> The fence panels and stakes are made of premium Iron material with a powder-coated finish, which helps to prevent chipping, rust and withstand the rigors of time and weather, therefore it will last for years to come. Professional welding technology strength the construction to avoid being damaged by small animals. Standing just 1.4 ft high, it is tall enough to fence in your plants without blocking the view.
<Stylish & Versatile> The fence mimics the look of a garden fence with curving arches, square shaped lines and ball-topped stakes for protection, functionality and decoration. Multiple borders can be used to accommodate straight lines, angles and curves to create a garden design all of your own. With no digging or pouring concrete required, you can transform your yard or garden in minutes!