Spot the entrance

Spot the entrance

The main entrance of hospital (not in the picture) is clearly denoted. First map of the area is about 100 meters after the gates. There you can find that the hospitals’ clinic, being just one of the 40 or so available destinations, for understandable reasons can be reached from outside. Judging from the map (not suplemented, but i will give a hint later) it seems to be the recomended way to do so.
In order to reach the clinic from outside, patient has to walk around the area. The walk is about 15 minutes or so.
On the way, there is one other locked door, which can not be open (photo not supplemented). First time i made the mistake and thought that maybe i misread the sign and the clinic can’t be reached from outside.
To my folly, the entrance was just a few meters further, an is actually visible in this photo.
I’ve put a note on entrance to save you some time.

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