prescriptions & supplements (7/17)

prescriptions & supplements (7/17)

This photo is from a series done for unit 2.5, Getting the Right Focus & Foreground Tips, as presented by Taya Iv in her course, SELF PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY for PHOTOGRAPHYCOURSE.NET. The unit explores ways to get the focus right, which can be difficult if you can’t look through a viewfinder. The unit also discussed using foreground objects while keeping things sharp.

This set of 17 photos focussing on my hands as i added medication and supplements to the palm of my hand. I wish I had taken a shot of my hand full of pills, waiting to be consumed. I feel that some of the supplements I take are geneficial, and I realize more and more how taking a lot of these has become an addiction for me.

This photo was also posted on Instagram.

Posted by steveleeart on 2023-01-09 22:26:54

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