De Laetste Hoop – Efteling (Netherlands)

De Laetste Hoop - Efteling (Netherlands)

De Laetste Hoop 07/03/2024 11h11
The creepiest toilets of De Efteling opened in 2023!

De Laetste Hoop
The dark atmosphere of Danse Macabre can already be felt in a new toilet building in the Efteling. The amusement park opened the De Laetste Hoop toilet room and the In den Swarte Kat grocery store on July 1, 2023, as the first phase of the Huyverwoud horror area. Both places are haunted.

Creepy light and sound effects are used in the toilets and the shop. A new, mysterious soundtrack was composed, but occasionally chilling sounds from the disappeared Spookslot can also be heard. For this purpose, the soundscape of the round hall from the former queue was used.

De Laetste Hoop does not have a traditional division between men and women: there are toilet cubicles that everyone can use, supplemented with a changing room, family toilets and a separate room with urinals. It is the first time that Efteling has used this gender-neutral layout.
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