Day 45 of 365

Day 45 of 365

Day 45 of 365

So, today is St Valentine’s Day, the day where hopeless romantics place adverts in the newspaper professing their undying love to their Schnookums*; where hopeless romantics spend a fortune on red roses for their Babycakes*; where hopeless romantics book tables at exclusive restaurants and whisper sweet nothings in their Honey Bear’s* ears whilst play footsies under the table; where hopeless romantics feed individually wrapped chocolates into their Lovecat’s* sweet little mouths…I dedicate this St Valentine’s Day image to Chunky Butt*, Snoks*, Dribz*, Spanky Spanky*, Booby*, Stinkbomb*, Smooch* and all the others who have entertained me today as I have read of your undying love, and in some cases, unrequited love for your Valentines. Happy St Valentine’s Day everyone!

* I have not made up these names, but have sources them from the pages of a major newspaper’s Valentine’s Day supplement. ;p

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Posted by Adriana Glackin on 2010-02-14 06:31:04

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