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Overview of Codex Alimentarius
by Rima Laibow, M.D.
At the request of the United Nations (UN) in 1962, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and
Agriculture Organization (FAO) took on the joint role of running and administering the Codex
Alimentarius Commission (CAC) to establish standards and remove barriers to trade for all food and
food products. Having declared that nutrients are toxins from which we must be protected, the CAC
has been busy establishing enforceable international guidelines for upper limits of nutritional
supplement dosing. Codex has goals that affect every person in the UN’s 170+ member nations,
including the United States. As a tool for furthering these goals, member nations are urged to adopt
Codex standards and guidelines as domestic policy. The United States has already committed itself to
doing so despite U. S. law which prohibits this compliance.
The World Trade Organization (WTO) has adopted Codex as a standard for the adjudication of foodrelated
international trade disputes and has the authority to enforce Codex standards through
implementation of harsh economic sanctions on non-Codexcompliant member nations. Pre-existing
international treaty laws dictate that WTO rulings will override the domestic laws already in place in
its member nations and, in fact, the WHO has successfully taken both states and the U. S. government
to court in the U. S. to force changes in our domestic laws eleven times. This means our nation’s hard
won laws that give you access to over-the-counter, natural health supplements will become
meaningless. Codex’s original mandate to remove barriers to trade and assure a clean food supply has,
under the influence of private, economically-driven multinational pharmaceutical, agricultural and
chemical corporations, self-expanded far beyond its original mandate. The result is a body of highly
dangerous and restrictive policies that threaten to become domestic law in the U. S. and, as such, are
a threat to your health and freedom.
The FDA has stated explicitly that its goal is complete "harmonization" with Codex and, in order to
bring that about, international regulations i.e., Codex will be given preference over domestic ones!
(Federal Register, 10/ 11 /95)
If Codex gets its way, as it already has in the EU, we can expect that, ultimately, only 18 or so dietary
supplements will be available over-the-counter in doses which are, by design, far too small to have any
discernible impact on any human being since codex classifies nutrients as toxins. High potency
nutrients will not be available either with or without physician’s prescription since these molecules
and compounds will be forbidden under any circumstances. The big surprise? Once in the hands of
pharmaceutical companies, consumer supplement costs are expected to more than quadruple. This
has, in fact, been the experience in Europe where this process is already underway and micro-dose
nutrient prices have increased 10 to 100 fold or more (e.g., in Norway a bottle of zinc lozenges which
previously cost $2 now costs $54; in France 12 Vitamin C tabs of just10 mg cost $117; while 10 Vitamin
E caps of only 10 IU each cost $110).
Australia and the European Union (EU) are in the process of enacting harmonized Codex policies that
restrict consumer access to nutritional supplements. America is next. Though Americans value
personal freedom, the fact Codex meets infrequently (and almost always offshore) and is bogged
down in highly technical language that is difficult to understand has resulted in many Americans
being unaware of this threat. The nearly total media blackout on Codex and its activities helps to
keep the U. S. uninformed and therefore, pliant.
While there have been rare serious adverse reactions to nutritional supplements during the past
decades, (usually when taken far in excess of the recommended dosing), numerous severe and even
fatal reactions to drugs (usually when taken at the recommended dosing) occur every day and are the
fourth leading cause of death in hospitalized clients in the United States when properly
used. When improperly used, they are, in fact, far and away the leading cause of death in
the United States. Even so, drug deaths are very likely underreported. Drugs are
inherently dangerous; nutrients are not. This fact makes it clear why the drug culture
needs to eliminate all access to natural health options, including nutritional supplements,
in order to expand and intensify its influence and thus its profitability. Healthy people
take fewer drugs and thus are poor customers.
The global pharmaceutical powers -that-be have already purchased a large piece of the
lucrative global nutritional supplement pie but the considerable size of this pie keeps the
hugely profitable pharmaceutical profit -share-pie from reaching its maximum size so the
competing nutrient pie must be destroyed. Though unable to patent a natural substance,
pharmaceutical corporations can hold patents on synthetic versions of vitamins and
minerals that, unfortunately for the consumer, often do not act like their natural vitamin
counterparts in the body and often act in unpredic table and harmful ways. If Codexcompliant
Europe is any guide, the permitted micro-doses of permitted nutrients will be
only synthetic ones.
In addition to regulatory and/or administrative takeover and destruction of the dietary
supplement market and consumer access, Codex also mandates irradiation of food;
mandatory use of antibiotics, hormones and growth stimulants in all animals raised for
food, is expected to legalize the unlabeled inclusion of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) (whose
safety has never been established while their serious dangers have) into our seed and food supplies and
will increase the allowable maximum tolerated levels of pesticides, herbicides, veterinary drugs and
other dangerous industrial toxins in food, likely driving up degenerative illnesses, including cancer,
diabetes, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, MS, etc. All of these policies are made under
the guise of free and equal access to trade for all nations and protection of the public.
Some people have “Codex Anesthesia,” a state of overwhelming, numb confusion that occurs just
before people lose their health freedom. Many otherwise well-informed people from the manufacturing
and retailing sectors of natural healthcare believe that the Dietary Supplement Health and Education
Act (DSHEA), passed in 1994 to protect Americans’ access to natural healthcare substances, will still be
in place to protect them. This is not the case: Fundamental health freedoms afforded the American
public by DSHEA, which classifies supplements as food which, as such, can have no upper limit set on
their use, are now under well orchestrated legislative and/or administrative attack. Health nuts and
junk food devotees alike are not immune from this legislative attack on health freedom.
The following is a link to Dr. Laibow’s website which gives a self-prompting 5-minute presentation that
tells you about Codex: http: //
More in-depth information can be found on her website,, and on
the highly informative "Nutricide: the DVD" http: /

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