YSK that more than 850 museums in the United States take part in a software that features free or lessened admission for those on food stamps

Why YSK: My girlfriend and I have been having difficulties a large amount lately. I was wanting at the admission price ranges for a regional museum, pondering if we could help you save up the dollars to go to it in a handful of months, only to discover the point out of the [Museums for All program]( You can search for collaborating museums in your area, and usually all you have to do is current a photograph ID and your EBT card.

I assumed this was an amazing detail to know about, because museums are great sources and the details they consist of ought to be obtainable to most people. Numerous botanical gardens also take part in the method – I hope some of you who are also struggling can get to working experience the spring bouquets this 12 months.

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Good to know!

I volunteer at the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton, OH.

Admission here is FREE everyday !

At my local library, they loan out free passes to museums, too. You should see if your library does the same!

Also a lot of museums are suggested donation for entrance but they try to push you to pay the full suggested price. You can just give a dollar and walk in.

Parent tip!

Also, if you become a member of a children’s or science museum there’s a passport program through the ASTC that let’s you get into other children’s/science museums for free.

It’s a great way to travel with kids and always have something to do. Some museums are $150 for a family membership. Some cost $100 to enter for a family of 4. ASTC can get you in for free!

Check participating museums and rules here:

Also check out stuff like aquariums. My local aquarium gives free admission with up to three guess for people on food stamps!

This is actually pretty sweet to know about. Knowledge shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall, I’m looking at you college textbooks.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History does this (aka the museum that houses Lucy). Admission is a dollar per person if you’re on food stamps.

There’s a similar thing in my hometown Hannover in Germany,

One day a week the entry to most of the museums is free for everybody.

Bank of America also has a program like this for account holders called Museums on Us. First full weekend of the month, free admission if you show your BoA debit or credit card.

Your local public library likely has info on this! Ask someone working at the checkout/circulation desk.

i really should look into the EBT program. what with food prices skyrocketing i think i may actually qualify. and it’s nice to know that it works for museums too!

Thank you so much. I just found out about 5 museums and gardens around where I live that I can now take my kids to. This was a very helpful post and I appreciate it a lot.

Many public libraries also offer museum passes (including first Children’s and Science museums, and also zoos and aquariums) for free entry or reduced rates. You check them out with your library card, and the old is usually good for 2-4 people.

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