Your 2021-22 Denver Nuggets

Your 2021-22 Denver Nuggets

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I know they’re not coaching staff, but I would love if Hastings and Marlowe were on either end. They’re such a huge part of the Nugget experience.

Random but- Who goofed and brought the wrong jacket on the coaching staff? There’s one guy wearing a different top

It always amazes me that a team of 15 players needs 12 coaches and training staff…im always curious what the day to day job of each is…are they all full time jobs? Lol seems like overkill to me..

Popeye looks like when the biggest kid gets stuck in the middle seat. Zeke looking like the love child of Kid n Play.

are murray and mpj for sure out for the playoffs? that’d be crazy if they came back to play against the warriors

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