Youngsters Otters Reunite with Their Mom

Otter Introduction
Wasabi & Namida : Both equally girls, 11 months previous
Otsuyu : Wasabi & Namida’s mother, 3 years previous

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28 replies on “Youngsters Otters Reunite with Their Mom”

Otsuyo, she is very timid and submits right away because Odashi has been so mean to her. And now she is anxious and pulling her hair again. I hope she will relax and enjoy the girls.

The Younger Twins definitely aren't intimidate by their mother any more, and I doubt they would be intimidated by their aunt. They were pretty boisterous, but the didn't seem intent on hurting Otsuyu. Their size, strength, and assertiveness took her by surprise, but they didn't hiss at her or try to bite or claw her. They did opportunistically grab a bit of kibble; but when there was enough kibble and water for everyone to have some, mom got her share. And they did the nose bump that I've heard described as otter "kisses" with her. I think mom wasn't entirely up for dealing with her daughters, but I don't think they acted out with her. I certainly hope I read that right! 💕💕💕, good times, and lots of fish to all the otters and a good time to all of you who love and care for them.

I decided to delete my long thoughts, thus deleting the sadness of the fight and the results, and accentuate on the positive. It is truly wonderful to see Otsuyu and her babies get re-acquainted after some time apart. For the grown babies, they haven't missed a bit…still lunging after their mother. For Otsuyu's part, she's a bit on the cautious side, and understandably so. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful visit for the furbabies.💕🐾🐾💕🐾🐾💕🐾🐾💕 Wonderful video Loutre Mom. 💕

わさなみちゃんがビロードみたいな艶々毛並みが生え揃って綺麗だなぁ🥰双子は一緒に居るから動きもシンクロするのでしょう だしつゆが手本でしたね😍子供達に会ってころんは2人が抱きついてくると思ったからかな❓️わさびちゃんはオッパイ離れなかなかできなかったのが嘘みたいに育ってますね☺️つゆ姫も今日は落ち着いてのんびり水入らず出来て精神的にも落ち着いたでしょう🥰少しずつ元に戻ります様にハグは幸せの象徴ですもの🤗


@ Loutre mom. This is all so interesting. I don't know anything about otters so my point of view is as a layperson. It's clear Otsuyu felt overwhelmed with the kids excitement to see her. Even though it's been a while they're still young enough to sense that Otsuyu is their mom. However, now that they've grown so much and have become so independent maybe Otsuyu doesn't see them as her babies anymore, but as equals? As a human mom I still consider my adult children to be my babies, however, I don't know if otters have that same trait.
Anyway, it was great to see them together again. You're doing a great job Loutre mom. Thank you for your love and care of this beautiful family. ❤️




I'm so happy to see them reunited 💕 although Otsuyu looks a bit… confused? Overwhelmed? She's a very sensitive girl.
The kids have grown up so much, they're teenagers now.
I wish Oage dad could have joined them too, it makes me sad to see him watching from a distance….
Much love to everyone at Loutre cafe! 💕


The bond between the twins has strengthened: their movements are almost synchronized 😀 Princess Otsuyu can enjoy living for herself again 😊 Her “babies” are huge 😅


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