Young kids raised well

Young kids raised well

Young kids raised well from HumansBeingBros

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Dude just walked up to three random kids on the street, started talking to them and have them money? I wouldn’t have the courage.

I have two boys of my own, 15 and 10. I haven’t seen them in years. I honestly don’t know if they’d help someone like this. I hope so. I also truly hope they’re still smart enough to not walk up to some random guy telling them to come over here.

Omg when that one kid extended his hand to shake hands, and they were so good…my heart 💕 Way to be awesome. That guy who stopped them <3

Man, this hit me in the feels. Good for those kids, no reward expected. Good for that man too, rewarding kind strangers + making a positive impact on the youth of tomorrow.

I loved every second of this and hope it inspires a trend or something.

That’s sweet of the kids and the man.One thing I’ve noticed is and please correct me if I am wrong. People in America seem to really value/treasure such normal acts of kindness,is it really that rare.?
Here in India,it’s quite understood that it’s someone’s JOB to help the old man.If there’s nobody around,then the person watching would go and help ( and that’s about.Nobody really calls it a good act or appreciates it or gives you credit for it.You see someone in need,you help.Whats the big deal?

Why does this always have to turn into massive cringe with this whole “kings” and “queens” shi*?

I hate social media.

This idiot is blocking the BUS lane that would have let the old man get off straight onto the curb.

Then he has to get out of the car and catch himself on video rewarding them so we can all see what a great guy he is for rewarding their actions.

I’m all for helping people but this kind of shit people do for attention social media is just sad. I get that at the end of the day, good things are being done, but its so greasy. Great kids though, respect to their parents.

My parents when I was a kid: “Never speak to strangers especially if they offer you money”

Me if I was a parent now: “If any strangers offer you money make sure you go talk to them, it might be MrBeast”

I like that they got rewarded for what they done.

But also remember, Doing something good should be for the sake of helping out a bro and never expect to be rewarded.

Oh what a breath of fresh loving air this was! My heart was full of hope watching that! What wonderful young boys, what a wonderful man rewarding them, and giving them positive feedback. This is no doubt the best thing I’ve seen in forever.

Not only was it awesome to see the kids help the old man, but seeing this guy show them that they did a great thing was awesome too. He is genuinely trying to make a difference in his community by setting the example. Hopefully those kids grow up remembering this and continue to do good things.

This is very sweet to see.

But, as a parent I don’t want strangers videoing my kid and then putting it online- especially for likes. I don’t care if it was for an act of kindness. The person filming doesn’t know what type of situation those kids are in and what could come from posting a video of them online.

They could have easily posted a video of themselves talking about the situation while also protecting the identity of minors who didn’t give permission to be filmed.

Just my two cents.

Bus driver here. The asshat in the car recording is the reason the bus isn’t able to pull to the curb and let the elderly man out on the sidewalk. Smh

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