“You will not realize differential equations and calculus” clarifies why inflation won’t exist

“You never recognize differential equations and calculus” describes why inflation does not exist

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Guy perfectly explains inflation, but uses it to say inflation doesn’t exist. He’s so close it’s painful

But you don’t need calculus to show how inflation is working…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but inflation can be summarized as such:

Money goes into circulation, total amount of money in circulation increases, overall value of each unit of currency proportionally decreases, salaries stay where they are but prices increase, rinse lather and repeat.

Inflation is a perpetual problem that can only be mitigated constantly, or grow out of control. Now differential equations can explain it easier, but it is not required knowledge. All math is derived from the basics. It’s just shortcuts. So not knowing the shortcut doesn’t mean that they don’t understand the problem, just that they are more involved in the situation than they have to be in order to solve it.

Guy fails to look at 2 basic metrics (CPI and PPI) which would show that prices have risen slightly less than business costs. In other words, this guy is an idiot.

first guy isn’t entirely wrong. sure ther is inflation but it’s hardly the only reason for the increase in prices. higher demand, supply problems, plenty of other reasons.

Small nitpick, but it’s “toe the line” or “toeing the line”, it’s never “tow the line” or “towing the line”.

There’s some really good explanations of inflation out there, that are also simple to understand. Just Google “Inflation comics”!

I love the line “There are too many times that I have to teach someone something because they don’t understand something, and that’s what leads to debate”….like he’s saying that if only everyone was up to his level of understanding, there would be no debate, everyone would see things his way?

They are partially right, it is blatant price gouging, but “just look harder for good prices” is advice as useful as “shove it up your ass”

I teach differential equations and eagerly await the sequel with this expert’s explanation of why inflation is a hoax.

Inflation is something that could really impact your work environment. To get some better understanding on this, he should google “Inflation NSFW”

Today I learned that inflation is true but not. And differential equations and calculus are separate concepts. Productive day

Differential equations and calculus to explain inflation! I’ll bet this jerk couldn’t work a differential equation if he was paid $1 million dollars!

I have to hard disagree with home saying labor wages are rising faster then inflation, that is not true.

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