You know what? I give up…

You know what? I give up…

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I hate when this happens. Like how am I gonna complete the missions and side quests if me or the enemies get stuck?

If you have the skull mask suit unlocked, it’s fire aura passive can sometimes damage enemies stuck like that

How did you do that first move where you pull the thug in your direction and then jump and while he is directly beneath you you web him to the floor?

The iron spider legs should work. Been a long time since I last used them like that but I doubt it was patched.

damn what is that truck made of if spidey can’t break through it or even dent it?

no wonder they stayd inside, that thing stopped the juggernaut

any of the aoe blast abilitys work like rock out and negative shockwave, i had a thug stuck in a building once

That truck should be part of the sinister six, taking beatings from Spider-Man without getting a scratch, and protecting the criminals inside it at the same time.

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