You just cannot time even worse than Melvin Cash

You just cannot time even worse than Melvin Cash

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Maybe you think I’m callous but I honestly can’t feel sympathy for Melvin Capital.

They’ve tried to screw so many people out of their money and they bet on destroying a company for their own profit.

Throwing spanner on HF with another $420…. He is going to clean up so many HF that we can expect Margin call soon…

Bullish. 🚀💰🚀💰🚀💰🚀💰🚀

Man, if I had my $ with Melvin Capital, I would be with be withdrawing my $ as fast as possible. Yikes! You talk about dumb money.

Did you look up what TWTR’s price was in the 3 months prior to 12/31/2021? How do you have access to a Bloomberg terminal?

Apes buying in at over 300 attempting to dunk on people who will see more money in a day than they will in their entire lives

Too goddamn funny


Look at the reporting date, 12/31. At EOY TWTR was trading at like $43, so they’re down ~$3/sh right now from that filing if they still have. If they opened that anytime in 2022, they’re still up considerably

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