X-Men 10. Who are the Spiders?

X-Men 10. Who are the Spiders?

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I think it’s just Cyclops and Jean “cosplaying” for Spidey’s 60th anniversary. They’re not in the story, it’s just a cute tribute in the cover.

From the looks quicksilver and Jean gray (this is a guess’s based on looks I have no clue who they actually are)

Pretty weird to have been reading X-Men for 40 years and someone is able to say, “Hey, did you pick up X-Men 10?”

Something that’s always bothered me about heroin’s is that so many of them wear masks but leave their long hair out to dangle in the wind. It’s like “Who could Batgirl POSSIBLY BE?!” And just hope no forensic scientist at the crime scene doesn’t pick up a strand of hair left behind, then do a DNA test and go “huh I wonder what Barbara Gordon was doing at the crime scene? Eh oh well, best not dwell on it.”.

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