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31 replies on “Wtf.”

My girlfriend has the same name as my sister 😂 it’s really not a issue since I call them different nick names but if we get married she will have the exact first and last name of my sister yooo

“I would certainly hope so she’s mostly just lays there like her mother” is a response

You should fuck both to find out like that’s their hypothesis now you gotta do the experiment right and then conclusion

She forgot a comma. Here, let me help!

“I’d Fuck you better, then your sister anyway”

Honestly a good response to something so stupid
“you gotta same name as (insert relative) oh noo” what is going thru ur head lol

My cousin is getting married (arranged) to a girl with exact same first and last name as his younger sister(including spellings)

My wife and my sister have the same name, so I obviously got over it.

And they’re different people, just to get that out of the way.

You know what they say if she lingering give a good fingering if it’s your sister give a good fister

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