woman usually takes ALL the baby components, undoubtedly a reseller

woman can take ALL the little one method, definitely a reseller takes_all_the_newborn_formulation_undoubtedly_a/

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Looks like Target shame on them if they are allowing this. Companies place limits on toilet paper so everyone get some but not baby formula?

Edit: changed to state “if they are allowing” as I don’t know their policy

Lady is going to sit on all that baby formula like the rest of those idiots who bought meat, rice, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. No returns, or store credit. Fuck off.

Probably takes it to her place of retail (convenience store, ebay, flea market stand, etc.) and doubles price.

The toilet paper crisis was not a crisis. The hand sanitizer crisis was barley a crisis. This is a fuckin crisis. I’m scared for the babies of the world who’s mom’s can’t breastfeed.

Just walk over and take it out of her cart. It’s not “her” formula till she pays for it.

name her and shame her. You shouldn’t be able to profit off defenseless little babies like that!

This is so upsetting. I am one of those mom’s who are having troubles finding sensitive formula for my baby and then there are people like this. I literally have family members all over the state looking for formula for me because I can’t find any near me that my baby can have. This is infuriating to see. IDC who you are, if you’re doing this you’re a POS.

Haven’t even thought people would try to scalp these like they’re new PlayStations. Makes me want to go on Marketplace and fuck with them

I think its funny that the only formula my baby ever drank were those purple bottles which are the only ones left.

As a dad, I wouldn’t have been as calm honestly. I would have just taken her cart and started unloading it. I don’t get angry, but messing with babies food makes me see red.

And I can bet that bitch does not even need it she will just buy it to sell it more expensive later

I always waste scalpers and resellers time by setting appointments, dragging them along for as long as possible, and then I’ll tell them what I think of their character when they finally get wise.

Bunch of pretentious, selfish pricks who deserve to shit teeth.

My coworker buys as much as he can now like 10 at a time. I told him he was a part of the problem. Said he doesn’t give a shit. Real winner.

We had a lady try this at my local WalMart with about 50 cans and people just started taking what they needed right out of her cart. She couldn’t even walk away with the cart and had to try to grab just 2 while everyone was cussing her out. That cart was empty again within minutes!

Its literally legal to take stuff out of peoples shopping cart if they havent paid for it yet. Life hacked

Honestly just reach into the cart and take the formula, she hasn’t paid for it so it’s not hers.

My grandma did this with toilet paper during covid, the mountain is still huge.

A lady I know is currently doing it with cat litter which we are having a shortage of in our small farm town…she emptied the shelf of like 20 full size boxes, said she took every one.

I immediately said people like her were the reason for the shortage. But they keep doing it, because only them and theirs matter

People have shown their true colors during the pandemic. Though covid isn’t at an apocalyptic level, just imagine how bad people would be if it were. Everything we see in movies when it comes to the apocalypse and so iety will likely come true. We’d use to look at those things in movies and be like “Nah no way we would be like that”.. it took a pandemic to show us otherwise. So again I reiterate.. imagine if these were apocalyptic times. May whatever deity you may or may not believe in watch over us.

What is this, amateur hour? Just take it out of the cart and walk away. I remember women fist fighting over shoe sales on black Friday, and nobody wants to touch this woman for monopolizing all the baby formula.

there is a very simple solution to this, and that is for the store to place a limit. Now, as a father to twins, some do have more need than others, to some extreme.


When my babies were little there was a different “baby formula” issue going on. It had made the papers here in NY Tristate area, and laws were passed because of it. It was discovered that a couple of people were driving way upstate, or maybe just out of the State (possible Canada, but I don’t recall exactly where) with a large truck every week or so and filling it with baby formula, I believe powered formula. I mean like a large UHaul moving truck. The DEA, and I believe the FBI, thinking it was a drug ring, which used baby formula to cut its drugs, did a huge sting operation, thinking they were going to make a large bust. This would have been around 1995 or 1996. What they discovered instead was that a large group of parents here on Long island and surrounding areas had discovered that it was far far cheaper to pay for the truck, the gas, the manpower, and buy the formula from so far away, than to buy it locally.

When they discovered what was going on it caused an investigation as to why NYC Tristate formula prices were so Friggin high, and basically found it was because the formula companies were inflating the price so so so much more in these areas. They were fined, and a bill was passed which prevented these companies from inflating the price simply because they could.

For example, my daughter (twins were 1 boy, 1 girl) was colicky and required a formula that was a bit more $ than the regular type. Her formula alone would cost us >$500 per month. This was 1995 dollars (for comparison, I was paying $1100 a month to rent a very nice 3 BR 2 bath house with a full basement, a nice yard, a driveway that could fit 4 or 5 cars, and a garage, all in a very nice neighborhood). Add to that the formula for her brother, and diapers for both, and that was probably the roughest $ time for us ever. And, those formula costs were just to supplement two babies who were breastfeed as much as possible, by my working wife. I would guess that those prices added up to more than our monthly rent, and oil.

It has to be very rough now for parents of multiples. I wondered if a store that was limiting
a purchase to two cans would raise it to four if you could prove multiples. My wife and I were just talking about this last night and agreed that whenever we see formula in a store now, we will buy it and give it to any new parents we know. We would expect it to be limited by the store but if not, we would never even consider “cleaning off the shelf”. This came to a discussion due to a Male gay couple she work with who are close to having a newborn (surrogate). We are firm believers in breastfeeding, and I attribute my 3 children’s intelligence and school grades to them being breastfed, no ifs ands or buts, but that would be a very hard task for a male gay couple raising an infant.

We are in a far better $ position now, and would never consider asking for a penny over cost, and most likely, depending on what we know about the receiver, whomever that may be, would not even ask to be reimbursed if we felt it might be a hardship for someone.

I know the baby formula shortage has nothing to do with the ban on abortions (yet) but this is a good example of what we can expect. We already have too many dumb idiots like this around. Banning abortions will just make issues like this 1000 times worse. Going to have more idiotic parents running around ruining their childrens lives and buying out baby formula, then those poor kids will grow up to be just as big of idiots spreading more and more like a virus. Idiocracy here we come!

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