Wholesome law enforcement officer

Wholesome police officer

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“Ha ha ha. Ok imma still gonna need you to get out of the car and place your hands on the hood”

i love how he really doesnt look happy…
I know its a lot of pressure and he could be happy even tho he doesnt look so, but its the typical “yeah…. very nice… im so happy…” look

That is an awesome way of doing that. Never thought about it. There’s marriage proposals and baby gender reveals. But, pregnant reveals? Just awesome and heart touching.

Not sure this is the best way to announce pregnancy 😂. Would scare the shit out of me.

love this so much! I know this may upset people but the wife obviously thought this out and planned it so she must not have thought it would affect him the way people think it affected him and the outcome of their relationship or trust of each other. I didn’t see the sweat until I went back and played it slower and used pause.

I wish all police interactions could be wholesome and happy ending as I perceived this to be but they are law enforcement not party planners. I know ACAB is the current position a lot of people have chosen but I hope even y’all know that if you need them they will answer your call, at least every officer I know personally would. Are there bad cops out there? 100%. Are the good cops just as frustrated as everyone else? 100%. I know way more good cops who are working to out those who are a disgrace to the badge and oath though than I know of bad cops. Bad cops need to be fired and prosecuted if they have committed a crime period. Full stop.

I hope one day soon that things can become the way they are supposed to be and only criminals have reason to break into a sweat when they see a police officer at their window/door. 🤞🏻

I feel bad because when my wife handed me the pregnancy test my first reaction was, “You peed on this. Why am I now holding it?”

The timing on “are you positive about this?” just as she held up the positive test was superb. 11/10 would watch on repeat

This arranged trick is the beginning of a even more stressful situation for this guy 🥲

Not all police officers are a holes. Some of them are very nice like this one. He helped out a lady to show her husband or boyfriend I don’t know if they’re married or not that they’re pregnant in the funniest way

Love how the cop settles onto the car door to enjoy the dad’s reaction at the end.

Congrats, back to our earlier discussion…55 in a 50, that’s gonna be a hefty ticket sir.

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