Which puppy is a narc?

Which pet dog is a narc?

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Embarrassing for him. Even more Embarrassing for whoever rolled that sad excuse for a blunt.

Wow congratulations on the big $50 drug bust lol. What a misuse use of the public funds to prosecute this.

Meanwhile serious crimes go unsolved.

What teenager did they throw in jail for this smh what a fucking joke these people are

“Hey we ruined some guys life over what amounts to a lazy day watching Fragglerock and eating Doritos”

Shit like this is why I hate cops. In what way was this person a threat? What benefit is there to arresting this person and ruining their life (being arrested often leads to job loss and risk of homelessness).

How is the public served or improved by this?

The billions of dollars we spend to have cops faff about and harass people doing no harm is disgusting.

Fuck this bullshit. What a waste of tax money, the court system and some poor stoner’s life. This is ridiculous.

I remember when my country spent millions on a drug busting operation in high schools nationwide. The result at the end of the operation? 5 grams

Probably the most expensive 5 grams in history lmao

“Instead of a war on poverty, they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me!” – Tupac

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