when shopping for a secondhand motor vehicle

when getting a secondhand vehicle

when buying a secondhand car from Unexpected

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Peak of dutch advertisement

*translation: not every old woman is trust worthy. But every volkswagen polo is.*

I totally thought they would have a cut scene where the old woman would be having sex in the car…

It is based on the dutch saying.
It was owned by an old lady and only used for groceries.
Apparently all car salesman use this to try to sell a car.

In 10 years this lady my mother will be this lady. I thought everybody grew up overtaking on the other side of the road on road trips… haha

When I lived in Germany in 2004, I bought an Opel from the 80’s that had less than 30,000 km on it. I remember the title had the previous owners and their birthdate or birth year on it. The first owner was born in 1919 and the second was born in 1929. The car looked like it came out of a time capsule.

My first car was literally from a little old lady that only drove it to church on Sunday. Unfortunately she had to get rid of the car because she was going blind and there were a hell of a lot of trees on the way to church. (1959 Hillman Husky. Dammit I miss that car.)

An older woman that lives right over the road from me is about the same age. She’s a mega car nut, she’s retired but owns a Nissan GTR, a 350z and another Nissan that’s black, don’t know what it is, only know about cars from some games. But yeah, she can barely walk but owns these high end machines each with custom plates. Clearly she had one hell of a retirement fund.

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