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Riyaz Shaikh is an Indian professional athlete, promoter, trainer, model, dancer, brand ambassador and one of the the top 5 consistent performers in IHFF Olympia and Sheru Classic. When his diligence commenced to captivate fame, he was offered to be the brand ambassador of many lifestyle grooming, clothing, and sports supplement companies.

Early Life

Every great achievement starts with a dream and a hyper active approach to conquer it. As a child, Mr. Riyaz Shaikh loved the sport of cricket, and other outdoor activities, while giving equal attention to his studies. His passion and zest for rigorous pursuits made him a thin and tanned kid. But these are the trophies of hard work. His dynamic agility also made him a subject to saddening social horrors like bullying, colorism, body shaming, etc. Because of such constant mocks, he was on the brink of turning into an upset and underconfident child. But whatever doesn’t stop us, just makes us stronger. Through television, he started gaining new perceptions about athletes and their work. He acquired an unbendable aspiration, and an enthusiasm to be known for his triumphs. After he passed his 12th standard, he joined a gymnasium and started training, and health dieting. With consistent efforts and discipline, he gained a competent amount of muscles with the flexibility of an athlete.


Fueled by the inspiration of becoming like his idols, Riyaz Shaikh joined acting classes, en route to a modeling career. As his career began to take off through a few shows, he realized that his ambition has been misplaced from being an athlete to a model and an actor. His ultimate goal has always been athletics. So, he quit acting and started competing on some of the most famous and laudable international athletic platforms such as Sheru Classic, where he ranked 4th in the year 2019, and International Health, Sports, & Fitness Festival Olympia (IHFF), where he ranked 5th in both the years 2018 and 2019.
He gathered recognition through his commendable work and was offered the position of a brand ambassador at Spartan Sports Sciences Supplements, one of the leading sport nutrition supplement company of India. Currently, he works for various top-notch offline and online brands like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. His recent collaborations include a men’s lifestyle & grooming product brand known as ‘CHACHA LIFESTYLES’.
His esteemed accomplishments earned him the stature to inaugurate sundry shops and gyms. And today, he stands firm as an international athlete who receives modeling offers from around the world.

With his wisdom, acquirements, and prominence, he has set his foot on a journey elevate the lives of countless others by training them, guiding them towards a healthier & fitter life, and exhilarate them about themselves because Riyaz Shaikh believes that at the end of the day what really matters is our self and that we should not criticize ourselves by the outlook & hypothesis of the others. Throughout his life, he has been consistent in following his passion for fitness and sports.

Personal Life

Mr. Riyaz graduated with the Bachelor of Commerce degree, a three-year undergraduate course. To begin his career as an actor, he attended Asha K Chandra Institute of Acting in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He retains a wide range of interests and hobbies like dancing, working out, traveling, cooking, sports, etc. He spent a lot of his childhood playing cricket. Also, has a proclivity for foods like pancakes, waffles, seafood dishes, and Baklava in sweets. Mr. Riyaz says that he is deeply obliged to the people who supported him in his initial stage, and to the people who still support and love him.

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