What’s the proper way to deal with a person who has completely shed it?

What is actually the suitable way to deal with someone who has fully shed it? person_who/

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carry pepper spray in your cupholder

spray him in the face after the first swing

drive off

bring criminal charges against him later

It’s impossible to know what to do in the situation – because we have no context for what preceded this, nor where it was. Some might say you would be justified in drawing a gun and firing on this person. Others might say what the driver did was perfectly reasonable and right.

I’d have driven off before the window smashing, probably woulda ran my mouth a bit too.
Thing is cars have this amazing thing, you know, the skinny peddle on the right and when utilized – gets you the fuck out of there.

I think the guy recording was stalking the old guys granddaughter. There’s a much longer clip floating around that shows alot more of the story

It’s crazy how many people will judge this situation knowing very little about what is going on. Shame.

1. Film him
2. Ask his name
3. Don’t tell him he is going to jail
4. Drive off
5. Go to the police
6. Make sure he is going to jail

1. When you see a person with an angry face brandishing a weapon, don’t stop to talk with them.
2. Drive away to safe place.
3. Call popo.

Hello 911? There is a crazy guy that just busted two of my windows with an extendable baton and threatened me with bodily harm. He still has the baton, yes I have the whole altercation on video. What’s that? You’ll send an officer right away? Fantastic, he’s driving a white ford pickup license #######, I’ll be in the car with two broken windows on the drivers side, I’ll wait here.

This exact same situation happened in my area once. Dude used a metal what have you to bust a window cuz the kid was in his car smoking weed. Dude got stabbed.

Well, I know what about half of the men in the southern US states would do in this situation. I’m not saying they’re right. What I’m saying is, I interact with my fellow motorists under the assumption they’re armed and they’re morons.

From 2016:

> A violent roadside confrontation, captured on dramatic video, has led to mischief charges.

> Grande Prairie RCMP confirmed they have charged a 67-year-old man.

> Damian Dallyn recorded and posted the video on YouTube.

> In the video, a man who identifies himself as Dennis Tissington walks over to Dallyn’s parked car with a baton and taps on the window.

> “Aren’t you in enough trouble?” Tissington asks.

> “No,” Dallyn responds. “Why?”

> “You’re gonna be,” said Tissington. “You’re gonna be in the (expletive) hospital if you don’t get out of here.”

> “No, you can’t bring a weapon out on me,” said Dallyn.

> “Yes I can, ’cause I have one.”

> Moments later, Tissington smashes two side windows before Dallyn drives away.

> In a written post, Dallyn said he was there to have a “civil conversation” with the man’s stepson, Tyler Stojan.

> Dallyn said Stojan took money for some concrete work that was not completed.

> “I stopped by to ask what he had done with said money, and if he was going to fix anything,” wrote Dallyn.

> But in a Facebook post, Stojan said Dallyn showed up twice on the day of the incident, demanding payment and making threats.

> “I informed him that I owe him nothing, and would be paying him nothing, and to get off my property and not to come back,” wrote Stojan. “We were very concerned about his attentions and whether he was armed. Our two small children were in the house.”

> Stojan said his stepfather waited for the RCMP after the incident, co-operated fully and has been charged.

I’d say that guy handled it perfectly. Didn’t escalate the situation in the moment, remained calm, got the guys identifying information including liscence Plate number, presumably filed a police report, and put it on social media for the world to see.

This is a textbook example of exactly what to do.

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