What is this?! Bridge for ants?!

What is this?! Bridge for ants?!

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In 100,000 years (long after we have killed ourselves off as a species) some intelligent life will find this and wonder about the tiny humans who lived here.

Suddenly, one day, there was a safe path that crossed the great ocean. And that was how ants got religion.

It’s cool but it’s not..painting it black ruined it and will probably be too hot to walk on.. For the ants

I’m seeing a lot of comments by people who seem to have completely lost touch with their inner child.

This … is … AWESOME!!

Why what? This looks like it was so much fun to build! Yes it also looks super fun to come across taking a walk. I would love to see bugs or animals using it! Why does anyone build models? Because it’s fun. Because they have imaginations. Geez Louise!

I am loving the skill in the craftsmanship and the camera work and editing.

But to me it looks like: “Oh hey. Undisturbed nature with nothing manmade around. I take great offense to this and must rectify it while on a budget.’

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