WHaT? I CaNt Improve mY Child’s DIaper Below?

WHaT? I CaNt Transform mY Child’s DIaper Listed here?

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When I worked overnights stocking a clothes store, I used to find dirty nappies and kids underwear hidden behind the piles of kids clothes. It really pissed me off because there are huge blocks of toilets, womens, mens, disabled, and family, every 100 feet or so in that shopping centre. They’re everywhere and you can’t miss them!

Why on top of the clothes 😫 if I’ve went into a bathroom with a changing station, I always had Clorox wipes to disinfect or at the very least a diaper changing pad. If I didn’t have either, I would take my ass back to my car and change my baby’s diaper there. I will admit I have once changed my firstborn’s diaper in a changing room but it wasn’t a dirty one and I wiped the area with a Clorox wipe afterwards. The bathrooms were closed in that store. I never left diapers anywhere, that’s just plain disgusting and disrespectful to the workers.

There’s bathrooms with those changing tables, why the hell do people think it’s ok to change the baby anywhere?!

Also, if the bathrooms lack the table thing, I’m sure an employee would be kind enough to give you alternatives if you ask nicely

Thats nothing, try smelling a soiled diaper, while the baby was still in it. The mom said that they were fine. I showed her to the bathroom, but she said no.

I worked at a shitty pizza buffet restaurant when I was in high school. I had to bus tables and this lady put her kids dirty diaper that she had changed, in the middle of the restaurant, on the plate I had to take back to the kitchen. I did not work there for much longer after that.

As a father of a 2-year-old who frequently would not find changing stations in bathrooms to change my daughter when she was younger… I get feeling the need to change your kids diaper when they’re dirty but if you can’t find a spot you leave the store and go to your car… My kid should never become somebody else’s inconvenience

People saying she looks like Will Ferrel, Harrison Ford…

No. The correct answer is she looks like Steven Crowder!

her face makes me irrationally angry. like she never thought she would be called out. entitled karen

OMG on merchandise?

It’s one thing if you do it at a bus stop, maybe you feel you had to do it there and then (I guess better at the stop than on the bus) but to do it in a store… On a rack of clothing for sale then be upset when people tell you no. Where do people get this sense of entitlement?

I saw a woman plop her kid on the table on a restaurant once and start changing their diaper. When management told her she had to stop she pitched a fit and flung the dirty diaper at an employee. She ran off with the kid before police arrived. I would say I enjoyed the free show, but it was kind of disgusting to watch while trying to eat. Management ended up comping everybody’s meals.

I would have literally changed him in my car before doing this. We have a toddler and have some pretty awkward blowouts and diaper issues, this wouldn’t ever be ok to me

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