What does r/breaking lousy suggest by this?

What does r/breaking terrible mean by this?

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Obama is an attack on titan fan.

This tells us that the episode “Ozymandias” is a metaphor for Yemen, bravo bince!

Wait what? Am i missing something? Why did attack on titan fans review bomb ozymandias?? Is this just another chicanery joke Im not getting or is this a genuine post

Yeah, clearly the only indicator Ozymandias had of its high quality was its IMDB score. I’m so glad it’s back to 10.0 now so I can know to love it!

Ozymandias was the worst episode of the series and it deserves no more than a 0/10. The pacing was horrible, the writing was absolutely abysmal, and Walt was super based and didn’t deserve to be arrested by beta Hank. Unbravo Vince. Not excited for season 6 of better call mid either 🤡

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