Went to eat my Uber eats supply from DQ in Bellingham Washington and there is a chunk out of it…

Went to consume my Uber eats supply from DQ in Bellingham Washington and there is a chunk out of it…

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42 replies on “Went to eat my Uber eats supply from DQ in Bellingham Washington and there is a chunk out of it…”

Maybe they were making sure it wasnt poisoned

Also. I’ve never had a dq burger. They only sell ice cream here. Are they delicious?

Was the seal sticker broken too? Here in the UK we have stickers that secure paper food bags and pizza boxes. I’ve had it with papa johns, domino’s and deliveroo. I’m sure McDonald’s do it too.

Didn’t expect to see my city on my home page. I’m not surprised this is why I’m seeing it though.

So weird seeing the city I live in just randomly pop up. I hope you raised hell because of it. That shit is disgusting.

Whether this is fake or not, this is precisely why I do not get food delivered. Not unless delivered by the restaurant’s own drivers, like a pizza place.

Weird how whenever I get nice bottles flat and sparkling water it only shows up about a 1/3 of time. Love when I can hear the bottles in the car and they just say “yeah they didn’t give me any drinks” luckily refunds are usually easy.

It is funny on one hand, and on the another, I am getting very angry at it! If this would have happened to me, I would have lost my temper, and obviously asked for a return.

Reminds me of when my friend got a burger without meat. One of the few times I laughed so hard I almost threw out… If I was there next to you I know that I’d lose it as well

Why wouldn’t they just eat the whole thing..then itll be blamed on restaurant for forgetting to pack it

That’s the best looking Dairy Queen burger I’ve ever seen. I went twice and both times I got burnt patties squished so tightly into the bun it seemed intentional.

Could be OP fabricating a fake story, could have been the uber driver, could have been a disgruntled DQ employee before they threw it in the box.

Assuming OP’s post is authentic, they still can’t know for sure at what point the crime was comitted.

All the restaurants in my area have begun either stapling the bag shut or sealing it with a security sticker that can’t be removed without tearing the bag. If your DQ isn’t doing this, they should be.

This is why I appreciate the restaurants with tamper proof stickers, they will always get my money and support for the consideration.

I’m skeptical.

What’s more likely? A person risking their job for a single burger bite, or a person wanting karma?

No more delivery services for me. I’d rather go get my food. It’s cheaper comes back hotter and bonus no one fucks with it

I do not, for the life of me, understand why people use these food delivery services. Invariably the food shows up colder than is good, in some kind of ramshackle fashion if from a restaurant, and increasingly messed with by the delivery person. And you’re paying $10+ extra for the pleasure.

I just started a new job in March, and they gave me a $15 gift card for a delivery service, the meal still ended up costing me about $13 after tip, and I’ve talked to people who use it to deliver things like a Blizzard from DQ or a coffee from Starbucks. It’s bananas to me.

Just go pick up your food. Think about all the shit that happens to the food thats not immediately apparent. People are weird and generally fucked in the head. So yeah, just pick up your food.

Everything I see on the internet shows that Uber eats is absolute garbage and that the people who deliver the food have no sympathy.

Better yet, drive over the and get the meal from the actual restaurant. I see too many people using this UberEats and getting screwed. Time to dust off the car and go outside.

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