Well all right then…

Well all right then…

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“You think I’m as dumb as I look!?” Did she look really dumb hahah?! That’s the funniest line in this whole exchange. I’m fucking cracking up right now at that. Hahahaha

That was actually kinda sweet. It’s rare for narcissists to tell you what they actually are up front. Usually they wait until you are emotionally invested before they start working on lowering your self esteem. She’s one of the good ones


Yikes-scary!! You dodged the bullet completely.

Side note….OC native here. Ideas 1 and 5 are fun dates and ways to get to know each other. There is the OC night market in the summer at the fairgrounds-this site has fun things going on locally in Costa Mesa-often at the fairgrounds. Just in case you wanted a place you can look for other activities outside the normal outdoor activities like thousand step beach, tide pools, Whiting Ranch hikes/walks, etc.

Oh ewww! Don’t change what you did! You are perfect! I hated going to dinners for dates. I always wanted adventure. Please stay the same! You will find someone enjoyable and fun to be around.

Claims that only a lower basic person would like your date ideas, insists on the most basic, cliche, boring ass one possible 🙄 You certainly took the high road with your responses king, but she wasn’t worth that effort

Giant FDS vibes. They consider anything less than taking them to a nice restaurant for dinner as a lazy no effort date. They expect the man to be decisive and take charge but also to choose exactly what they want the man to choose without being told.

Looks like she was vetting you. Basically a bunch of trials you aren’t aware is happening. Which is just normal dating but with their hardline rules.

🙁 damn all those ideas sound hella fun. sorry she was a straight up bitch to you, dude. as a girl who grew up in the socal area, those are great date ideas and you’ll definitely find plenty of gals that are down. she was def a bad apple 👍🏻

I’d go on any of those dates with you, op. Though I’m married and a dude. But I’m pretty sure the way you formatted everything just made her feel stupid. Insecurity bullet, dodged.

You think I’m as dumb as I look.


I do not miss Orange County (hometown HB). So many snobby “dumb as they look fucks”, but then again, they are everywhere.

What a bizarre exchange. Hilarious!

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