Weekend Update ft. Kate McKinnon – SNL

Weekend Update hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che address the week’s greatest news right before speaking with Justice Amy Coney Barrett (Kate McKinnon).

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33 replies on “Weekend Update ft. Kate McKinnon – SNL”

Colin’s jokes about abortion were on point, as was Kate McKinnon, but the delivery of the last joke by Che was so perfect and unexpected. Chalamet just got burned.

Sin is sin
.. The Bible never says EVe was tempted by an apple. Just a fruit, the only one God told them not to touch and we all would (satan aka.serpant tempts)…All still true how all sin entered the world.. But I get the part where Eve aka (women) caused the whole problem.. Some do say that.. As if Adam ( men).. are just not lulled into sin..

This is off topic, as a music fan how is Dolly and Lionel just now getting in?!?! I LOVE Nirvana and NWA and so many well deserved others, but these two have been in music for like 50 years!!! Guess I should not be surprised. It took LL like 10 years after his last big album to get in and he was rapping for like 20 years at the time. Mind you that was only 6 months ago, meanin 6 months prior to announcing Em is going to be in and Eminem said he grew up off LL Cool J. So one of Em's influences was just nominated 6 months before him. And I love that they are both in FINALLY. But, what I am asking is who does the votes and what are the Real qualifications?!?! It shouod be called the music hall of fame now tho.

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