Web Project: Mannatech. Screen Shot of Mannatech, Inc.

Web Project: Mannatech. Screen Shot of Mannatech, Inc.

This is a working document for the Mannatech redesign project. This photo represents the current design for the page, titled Mannatech, Inc.

The following meta data has been assigned to this page:

Title: Mannatech, Inc.

Description: Mannatech sets the highest standards for the quality and safety of its health, weight and fitness, and skin care products.

Keywords: health, wellness, nutrition, supplement, quality, safety, standards

This is a screenshot from a page on the Mannatech web project that I am working on. I’m using this for personal record-keeping. Since these are from a public internet, there’s no reason why anyone wouldn’t be able to use them so consider these photos to be licensed under a creative commons, share-alike license for non-commercial purposes. Feel fee to use them but please give credit to Mannatech and link back to the Mannatech website at

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