“we verified anyone to SCOTUS who belonged to a proper wing xian group that think females are objects, and she didnt preserve her word about not overturning RvW! waaaa!!”

“we confirmed an individual to SCOTUS who belonged to a correct wing xian team that feel gals are objects, and she didnt retain her term about not overturning RvW! waaaa!!”

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I get a kick out of the people who keep thinking Susan Collins will protect women. She supported ~~all three~~ two Trump nominees, claiming they wouldn’t overturn RvW, clutched her pearls in faux surprise when they said this is what they’re going to do, and then voted against a proposed law codifying a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body.

Maybe putting someone on the bench who said the focus of her professional career was bringing about the “Kingdom of God” might have been a bad idea.

How many of these people complaining today voted for anyone other than Hillary in 2016 because she was… corrupt. 😂 You reap what you sow. Conspiracied yourselves right into misogynist faux-Catholic fascism. Congratulations. America as we knew it is over.

Trump would never have been elected, starting this slide, if women had voted against him when they had the chance. This is only one of the long-term consequences of electing the orange pile of dogshit.

If you need or are interested in supporting reproductive rights, [I made a master post of pro-choice resources]( Please comment if you would like to add a resource and spread this information on whatever social media you use. I am constantly creating a new updated PDF, so please check my profile to make sure you are spreading the most recent version

But it’s hard for me to watch the church trying to control women’s sexuality after a shocking number of its own priests sexually assaulted children and teenagers for * decades?* And got recycled into other parishes, as the church covered up the whole scandal.. I think you meant to say centuries. The church is hypocritical at best, and down right vicious at worst. Fuck ABC and the religious zealots on the SCOTUS

What a surprise, pack the Court with American Taliban, then be surprised when they enable Sharia Law.

she looks like she’d be the abusive controlling mom who sends her gay kid to conversion therapy to get abused in a movie tbh

More like we installed a president who not only knew nothing about being president and was a known grifter, but he also promised to install judges approved by the Federalist Society. You can’t really complain when things went off the rails after that.

Is this a lamf? Can’t read the article due to the paywall, but didn’t ACB not receive a single Democratic vote? The people that confirmed her wanted her to overturn Roe.

The real funny thing is people think she was serious when she said that. Her and beer pong kavanaugh laughed their asses off after they said that.

This isn’t LAMF, this is what they wanted/intended. The whole denying she would overturn Roe v Wade was pure political coverage in providing a thin denial, like we’re seeing now, to the people who gave her a lifetime position.

I mean this shit has become so normal now, politicians bring members of extremists groups. Our God dam vide president was a literal cult member who needed chaperones to talk to women.

There needs to be a massive demand for separation of church and state and it should begin with the usage of all religious texts as the thing they swear on. Instead they could use the copy of the Constitution to do all the swearing on. It is the little things that can make huge differences.

¡ I can’t believe we allowed the shit heads we voted for to appoint a Quiverfull cultist!

Where’s the LAMF this article seems to take an anti-ACB stance that the author has held since nomination

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