Wake up America

Wake up America

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This is slightly misleading, but technically possible.

However, the fact that a doctor could get even equivalent repercussions for performing healthcare as someone committing rape is gross.

In France some of us were throwing molotovs over having our retirement shortened to benefit billionaires.

How can the US tolerate this ?

I don’t want to appeal to sedition. But how can so many people stay silent when millions of people have just lost their body autonomy ?

Oh, but it’s so simple. If you perform an abortion, you’re acting „against God‘s will“. *Deal with it*

If you get raped, „it’s God’s will“. *Deal with it*

The US is literally turning into the Christianist version of Saudi Arabia.

And yes, I just made Christianist a word.

When you Google Allen Turner the first hit is a Chevy/Hyundai dealer in Florida. The second is rapist Brock “Allen” Turner. Maybe he can change the name of his car dealership to Not the Rapist Allen Turner Chevrolet

As a European that’s been following the country closely for years, it feels like it’s too late for you to wake up 🙁
All we can do now is watch the world burn….

I hate it, and I hope I’m wrong.

If Alabama wants to destroy their medical system, who is there ro say otherwise.

I wouldn’t live there if they paid me. The minimum wage there is $7.25

Reddit constantly lets me down, and it’s my fault. Because I expect it to get smarter over time and it never actually does. It keeps falling for extraordinarily misleading posts hook line and sinker.

Some of that “America” you want to wake up doesn’t actually believe in rape. They think anytime a man forces himself on a woman/girl, it’s because she provided the opportunity for it. They think women claim they were raped because they changed their mind about having sex after the fact most of the time, and the rest of them had it coming because of where they were, what they were wearing or who they were with (or not with). They think all sex involving men and vaginas is good sex, and if you’re a woman and don’t want that, it’s your responsibility to prevent it (via hiding yourself away, being only in safe situations, never dating someone you wouldn’t have sex with, etc). They are wide awake alright. Animals. Monsters. Pigs. But wide awake.

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