Vassago: The Demon Prince (Lesser Important of Solomon Stated)

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The third of the 72 demons in a number of classifications is Vassago, the demon prince. Despite staying labelled as the ‘same mother nature as Agares’, Vassago isn’t going to appear to be to be a harmful demon, in point, possibly very the reverse.

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3:10 Vassago

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Tu Do (

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21 replies on “Vassago: The Demon Prince (Lesser Important of Solomon Stated)”

Great video as always! ❤
I will never understand why people find it so surprising that demons, being sentient spirits, have their own, unique and complex characters…
Speaking of Vassago, love the thumbnail! He looks very hansome in it actually. And why, just because he's known to be kinder than a lot of demons, he's not "cool" enough to mention in many texts? Get yourselves together, occultists! It's interesting to assume he and Agares may be related.
And that "experience vs. rank" thing makes me immediately think of the Roman army, which is fitting!

Could a ranking of “Prince” mean this figure was once an angel, one of the fallen from the Book of Enoch? It seems all of the markers are present. The description of good natured makes me think that adjective being used could mean that at one time this being was not corrupt like Luc. yet nonetheless has succumbed to the temptation of their ambitions and ultimate nature in relation to humanity… curious to any thoughts of this theory

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