Vaccinated but anti-vax and anti-lockdown Eric Clapton has analyzed positive for COVID-19

Vaccinated but anti-vax and anti-lockdown Eric Clapton has analyzed optimistic for COVID-19

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35 replies on “Vaccinated but anti-vax and anti-lockdown Eric Clapton has analyzed positive for COVID-19”

Racist has-been. Saw him years ago in Memphis. Pretty sure he heard me booing. He could have just phoned that shit in.

August 27, 1990. I pulled over to the side of the road and wept. It should have been Clapton.

The irony of being frustrated to get COVID now that lockdown has ended, people are traveling, no more masks. What part of the process of disease transmission does he need help with?

I’m always amazed that people are surprised that a guy in his 70s is a jerk when he’s been a jerk for the past 50 years.

I wonder if he ever had problems with his hands after mainline injecting black tar heroin? Anti-vaxx but totally pro-galloping with the white horse in the desert!

He’s gonna be fine. Millionaires don’t suffer like we do through covid. He’ll proclaim it was nothing and fuel the anti vaxxer movement.

“Eric is also anxious to avoid passing on any infection to any of his band, crew, promoters, their staff and of course, the fans.”
Buddy, this is why we wore masks, had lockdowns and get vaccinated.

Man. Wow. I used to revere Clapton. Got me into playing guitar. Had no idea until this comment section. I usually try to avoid following celebrities or musicians in anything other than music because so many are assholes.

Guess I’ll cross him off of celebrities I thought weren’t total shits. Get fucked Clapton.


“if your anti-vaaaaax.. guess i’ll see you in heaven..

Will you wear a maaaaask… if i see you in heaven…

Co-vid was strong..

I led you wrong…

now we are all.. where we belong..

and its not heaven…. ”

*drops mic

*drops dead

Clapton, an injected heroin abuser and an anti-vaxxer and an anti-masker…

Hope he gets better, but as a wise man (and a better guitarist) once said “Shut Up and Play Yer Guitar”.

Vaccinated but spreading the lie – another reason I’ve grown to hate Clapton. Remember when there was the “Clapton is God” movement? Wow, what idiots those people were!!!!
Plus, being a pig-shit racist never helps.

And he stole George Harrison’s wife.

Fuck everything about Eric Clapton.

And I seriously don’t understand all the fuss about his guitar playing. Compared to real blues guitarists, he’s a ham fisted amateur.

Maybe he should have worried more about window screens than racism. Then again, his kid falling out the window gave us “Tears in Heaven”. That was worth a kid.

I’m a Black “wog”. I don’t mind hating a racist and there are no limits so bring on my downvotes.

Unbelievable to be such a racist and have built an entire career and made millions on the backs of black peoples achievements in music.

> “It is very frustrating that having avoided Covid throughout lockdown and throughout the period when travel restrictions have been in place Eric should have succumbed to Covid at this point in time,” it added.

So…lockdown and travel restrictions worked for Eric Clapton?

Anti vax but vaccinated, racist as they come but made a fortune playing black music. What a clown.

My fiance’s conservative dad got the vaccine, but he basically thinks covid and the vaccine is bullshit. One night, we were out having a few drinks with some friends when the topic came up that my fiance’s cousin who works as a paramedic recently got covid; she’s vaccinated so symptoms were mild. He started going on and on about how almost everyone in the room that night was vaccinated and boosted, but still got covid (me and him were the only 2 who hadn’t gotten covid yet) and how its all bullshit. My fiance got it the worst out of everyone, ended up in the hospital and was on oxygen a few days after being discharged. I got really angry and snapped on him yelling “YOUR DAUGHTER WOULD HAVE ENDED UP IN THE ICU OR LOST HER FUCKING LIFE HAD SHE NOT GOTTEN THE VACCINE, SHUT UP!!!”

Shockingly, he actually apologized, and has kept quiet about covid ever since then. Fiance’s mom thanked me for what i said to him. I felt like a jerk, but i needed to say something.

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