Untrue flag attack

Untrue flag assault

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Sex flags ??? More like six RED flags. 😂😝🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

edit : thx for the 69 upvotes guyss
I know its hard but you have to keep going, or else we’ll never get to 420 (funny number)

Anon needs to cut every one of those friends off with absolutely no closure. Delete their numbers, maybe get off of social media for a while. Stop responding to texts. Leave those garbage friends with no closure, no answers or information to go off of. After a few months, resurface spontaneously. As long as anon’a friends aren’t actually completely fake, they will suffer emotionally. Anon needs to get revenge.

It wasn’t even an Instagram story for people in general to see, it was posted in their private Discord group chat, where they *knew* anon would definitely see it. Yeouch

Should have just gone anyways, since it’s six flags. If you met them there, you could pretend nothing happened and keep telling them your welcome whenever they say anything positive (you bought the tickets after all.) If you meet them early enough at like the parking lot, you could chargeback their tickets in front of their faces so they wouldn’t be able to enter and then go on your merry way to some sweet rides afterwards.

I had friends like this. It’s just, super sad to live like this.
I was super introvert so talking to people was really hard to me. Fortunately now I’m talking and going out with more people so now I’m pretty happy.
I still talk to my old friends to play online sometimes but only for that.

Similar thing happened to me, I tried inviting my “friends” to go out and they all said they were busy and can’t, and I see a pic of them all together an hour later

This happened to me. Dude I considered friend told me other in the group didn’t want me in for school vacation trip (we decide groups who will stay in hotel rooms).

Later that day, I used a phishing site to tell him to log into insta from there to get more followers. Fucker believed it and I got his login. Checked the groups and turns out the others didn’t even have a problem with me. Only he did and he brought it up.

I was fucking depressed man,I considered him a good friend of mine for 8 years.

I met my best friend in the group I stayed with after so…..

All’s well that ends well

If this is true, then anon is the weirdo in the friend group that latched on due to being a “friend of a friend” and no one actually likes but can’t take a hint. If you identify with this person, then I have some bad news for you.

Prob fake tho.

Had this happen to me. Still hang with them but I never get invited to anything with em. I just want to know what about me isn’t good enough since it seems like we’re all having a good time while hanging. But I don’t want to ask and risk losing what I got

There is this guy whos more of an acquaintance. The only time i can endure him is when i feel like. He has cockblocked me several times. Hes has been a nuisance for years now. I had him for roommate for a summer and hes the worst. He harrasses chicks and asked my sister out when she was 16 him being like 24. Hes a disgustingly looking dude. I’ve given him plenty of reasons for him to know i don’t like him. He still want to be included. Im runnin a club and having a creep messaging and scaring girls off its annoying. Since girls usually tend to be the members that contribute more interm of manpower for events and club activities. Im pretty sure this green text was written by some old fat incel trying to get support from the internet.

Oh god it meant somone posted @everyone she didn’t realise

They didn’t cancel but 1 person did

Sorry guys but I can’t come@everyone

They didn’t cancel

They didn’t cancel

They didn’t cancel

Hahahaha imagine being so insufferable that everyone lies to you so you won’t show up and then posts publicly their lie and don’t even care if you see it.

How stupid are they to lie about the cancellation, and then immediately post the evidence on Discord? Unless it was to send a different “message”?

My senior prom date cancelled the day before prom because her grandma died. I didn’t go. My friends saw her there with someone else and told her off.

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