Unsuccessful Westler Forces His Daughters To Wrestle Because of To His Past Failure

Mahavir Singh Phogat, a former wrestler, decides to fulfil his dream of profitable a gold medal for his place by training his daughters for the Commonwealth Online games irrespective of the current social stigmas.

Film Identify= D4NG4L
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35 replies on “Unsuccessful Westler Forces His Daughters To Wrestle Because of To His Past Failure”

Out of all the Indian movies this channel has recapped , the most are by Amir Khan looks like you really like him , anyways he is my favourite actor too! Have a look at "Ghajni" another Amir Khan's movie with beautiful plot!

This is the story of so many south Asian women. My own Pakistani father is the same. He had two daughters then all sons and openly told us many times that he only wanted all sons and that we should just be 'grateful' that he still raised us despite being disappointed that we were born the wrong gender. Hes money-orientated and therefore of the belief that a son was more likely to make the wealth and support the family, well me and my sister have turned out to be the most successful of his children and we have provided our family with a lot, thats why my dad has changed his belief somewhat and is a lot more supportive towards girls and encourages his family members to treat both their sons and daughters equally. Its a small change though because he unfortunately still prefers boys and has already privately said that when his kids get married he wants all grandsons. Unfortunately you can't completely change the stubborn backwards mindset in some people.

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