Unfortunate? Or blessed?

Unfortunate? Or fortunate?

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Well…. I better go back in and tell her no hard feelings. You stay in the car…. I’ll be back in a minute

Why was she waiting for him to come back to the car?

Did she think his first response would be to run away from his own home?

OMG It was a joke we used to tell in Italy.
Did Trojan used it for the commercial or did someone imported it here?

After credits:
*Hey…… I do love you, but I’m here to pick up my condomns you know Jenny… I’m gonna bang your sister so hard that I’ll need a balls transplant. You can come and have a Threesome if you want. After I’m gonna break with you because you are a fucking psycho for planning this test*

Bad idea to keep condoms in a glove box or wallet. The constant temperature changes weakens the latex

I wouldn’t have even of thought about condoms. I’d throw it all away for a few minutes of pleasure.

Funny thing is I know a guy who married a woman after passing the test. And the reason was his condoms were in his car. He still got laid but he always leaves them in the car still.

Definitely unlucky. That chick is nuts along with her sister for even thinking of and going along with it.

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