Unbeatable Sound For $20! SoundPEATS Totally free2 Classic Evaluation

Free of charge2 Common Review. TWS BT 5.1 earbuds with up to 8 hours operate time, 30 with the case in total. IPX5, 6mm drivers, and terrific audio for the rate. Additional details: Formal Internet site:

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24 replies on “Unbeatable Sound For $20! SoundPEATS Totally free2 Classic Evaluation”

I use the SoundPeats TrueShift 2 and they are great for the price. Never leave home without them for a journey, exercise etc. Mic isn't great mind, but sound is very good for the price, as is the battery life.

My 1.5 yr old Soundpeats Truefree2 are still working great. They were rated at 4 hours battery life, and now last just around 3 hours before needing recharging in the carrying case. Still good enough for me. These new “Free 2” buds with 8 hrs battery for $20 are great value!

Hey Chris, love your work. Really honest and very in depth reviews from your channel.
I still use my soundpeats truengine SE which is a worthy TWS for the price except the Bluetooth pairing is weaker ( BT4.0)
If possible can I get a recommendation of TWS from soundpeats or any from 50 to 100euros?

Thanks in advance.

I’m using Soundpeats T2 with ANC and they’re really the best buds under $70 USD! I’d like to try out their Mini pro that look just like the free 2 on the outside but with ANC and gaming mode 🥰 Thank you Chris for bringing in the reviews and I really enjoy your reviews!

Your phone does support AAC too (actually all android phones running Android 4.1+ supports AAC as you know) so why did it not use AAC? When you connected them to your phone, did you double check to see if the AAC option was there (as in once its connected, you get a menu that allows you to play with a few settings like allowing the Bluetooth device to read your contacts and such. There should be an option to enable AAC there)

EDIT: 3:35 You should be able to use AAC by clicking on that cog icon and the AAC option should be last on the list.

These are a proper bargain at this, price point. Even more expensive BT earphones don't cover the basics as, well as this one does Chris! 👌👌 It really feels like they haven't cut any corners here, which is truly impressive.
Another great review from you Sir ✌✌

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