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It amazes me that a choice edible mushroom can get into the interior of a residence and take hold. Obviously, there’s a leak to be fixed, somewhere. I would not eat a mushroom that is growing on building materials and fed by an undetermined leak. However, I would very much look into using it to start another generation outdoors, on a suitable host.

Okay this might be a seriously important and delicious mushroom. Compare lions mane to bears tooth to make sure, but I’m leaning lion’s mane. Also, despite these mushrooms being edible and good, I would probably avoid eating them due to environment…. But open to correction there! Also, you have water damage

Did you grow lions mane before?
I mean mold in closets is very common, but lions mane? I wish I could find that in the wild…

You obviously got some humidity Problems in your closet. Ventilate more often and Look out for wet spots!

The wood needs to be replace since the mushroom makes it very brittle. But I would keep the wood to grow some more lions mane

Did someone forget their mushroom grow kit Christmas gift on the top shelf of their closet?

Why do you keep your cauliflower in your wardrobe? Is it weird that I keep mine in the kitchen?!

There appears to be no method to how you organize your shirts but good on you for hanging them instead of throwing them on a bed to be folded ‘later’ only to kick them to the side while you sleep until you get around to wearing them

damn, is this sub already on the lion’s mane in closets phase? I thought we were still doing COW?

I’m guessing this person was growing it on the shelf and it grew faster than expected.

the more impressive pic would be from the front, but wouldn’t show the wrap around the hangers as well.

Nobody seems to be noticing the plastic sheeting. This is an enclosed space. Need a detailed explanation by the OP.

Thought this was spray foam insulation at first… I probably wouldn’t eat that…

It’s hilarious how many people think this is growing out of OP’s walls like the rest of those mushroom wall posts. Clearly it’s cultivated, also has the “cultivation” flair.

It’s hanging off the shelf and the photo is taken from INSIDE the closet. It’s open air but it’s hard to tell because of the bright light. Kind of a /r/confusingperspective moment

People are saying this looks like lions mane, i think it looks more like a cauliflower slime mold!

It appears that you don’t have “mushroom” in that closet. You might want to build yourself a bigger one.

* Ba dum cha *

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