Uber Visa Credit Card Review [] gives a optimistic evaluate to the Uber dollars back again credit score card.

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Google says you need a 700 FICO to qualify. That is a really good credit score in the scale that runs 350 to 850 on the points scale. I need some credit and some Ubers to come collect me at times for I don't have a vehicle. I hate our ruthless debt based economic system of usury, deception, and unfairness, but it's the only one we have that defines living, working, and playing in our country. It needs reformed for America has such wondrously greater potential to be truly awesome, host a thriving broad middle class, and just be fair about employment, money, credit, and shopping. We need social democracy where we'd have economic and work place democracy as well as a fair economic system that carries out the will of the majority, of the people, for the people, and by the people. Our country system, I mean financial government, that hijacks the US government, is not carrying out the will of the lower 50% of all Americans. We've forgot what America was supposed to have been about…

My problem with this card is it doesn't have a 5% category on Uber itself. Barclays is stricter in how it defines it's 3% travel category than other Banks. 2% on Uber while giving 3% on general travel is strange.

And 2% on Uber and online purchases is kinda of bleh when there are other generalist 2% cards out there. Make it 5% Uber, 4% dining, 3% travel (and expand the travel category to trains/buses/metros and gas, 2% online, 1% everything else. Then… You have a killer card.

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