U.S. Soccer Agree to Assure Equivalent Spend Concerning Men’s and Women’s Countrywide Teams

U.S. Soccer Concur to Assurance Equal Pay Involving Men’s and Women’s Countrywide Groups

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27 replies on “U.S. Soccer Agree to Assure Equivalent Spend Concerning Men’s and Women’s Countrywide Teams”

Shouldn’t pay be proportional to their sports’ earning potential? I am all for women’s sports, however, until they can bring in the same kind of revenue from ticket sales and television proceeds, I don’t see the pay gap closing much.

Sports is a revenue based earnings process. It is very similar to commission salary employees. Sell more items, make more money. Get more views, make more money.

So the women agreed to take a pay cut? Because US soccer was paying them MORE before

When you break it down per match, the women were compensated $143,200 and the men made $138,200 per match.

We always have to talk about sexism in sports but even the female fans couldn’t be bothered to support their fellow ladies.

lol the US pays the players to play in the NT? Brazil only give then prize money and only with they win.

There was a YouTube lawyer explaining this situation. I’ll have to go find the video to link.

It’s pretty interesting & shows the women’s team was offered the same contract as the men initially. The women’s team was actually paid more than the men’s.

Does this mean that the men are now being paid less than the women when it comes to total compensation? Or did the women give up the health insurance and maternity leave and other things that the male players generally don’t receive?

Lmao seems kind of sexist to give the female team equal pay when they don’t generate half the crowd.

Fun fact, this decision now means than the women’s team will make less money than they did prior to this fight they picked.

And the male players will now be paid on average more than in previous years.

For anyone curious as to why this is, and why they may have previously been lead to believe that male players were paid more. That’s because both teams has signed different contracts, but here’s the thing, the women’s team was offered the exact same contract as the men’s team and turned it down.


Well because the two contracts were structured differently, the first, was higher risk higher reward, where they were not given a guaranteed salary (only paid for games that they played) not given any health benefit, and their per game earnings were heavily shifted towards how far they advanced in the World Cup. And in the case of a World Cup win, paid out nearly 7x as much in bonus.

So what happened?

Well the women’s team took the second contract, which was a guaranteed salary structure (so you were paid regardless of if you played), with health benefits. The lower risk, lower reward of the two contracts.

But then they went on to win the Women’s World Cup.

And because hindsight is 20/20, their captain got greedy and realized they could have made over five times as much money had they signed the riskier contract.

But when they sued, it turned out that overall they had earned more money than the men’s team, because the men’s team didn’t earn any bonuses, because qualifying for the World Cup, much less winning it, isn’t guaranteed.

TLDR: Female team signed contract with guaranteed pay but with lower bonuses, then got mad when they realized they could have made more money with the riskier no guarantee bonus structured contract. Now this new contract pays them less than the previous one with more bonuses, but the men’s team now gets paid more through guarantees.

Once again proven, doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong, run a good pr campaign and you can force people to do what you want them to do.

The female team actually has a better overall compensation package than the men. So this should be interesting.

Hopefully the women will read and understand their contract this time and won’t opt for the lower amount. They chose the pay scale that they received this is such a bullshit nothing story

So they said no to a contract based on ratings (which paid them more than the men) and then whined while demanding essentially the contract they were first offered?

I have a YouTube channel. So does Pewdepie. I am now suing YouTube to pay me the same as him even though I have 0 viewers & he has 100 million. Fair.

I get it, but in entertainment biz you typically get paid for the income you bring in to the organization

Unfortunately, the women’s team isn’t as marketable as the men’s team even if the women’s team happens to be more successful.

The ‘equal pay’ argument has always been something of a joke because the two genders are separated entirely because the men’s team would blow the women’s to smithereens.

A Texas under-15s boys’ side beat the US national women’s team.

Before the cries of ‘sexist’ come for me, sport and equal pay is the only arena where we basically acknowledge the women cannot compete with men but somehow we should pay them the same and the women are ‘just as good’.

I’d love to see the media narrative if the men’s team turned around and sued in response to the settlement. The women’s team effectively retroactively changed their contract, that’s not ok.

If you go to a casino, gamble $10 dollars and end up doubling it to $20. Should the casino pay you $40 instead because you could have made a riskier bet?

They had the chance for the same deal as the men and declined.

And now they’ve been rewarded for arguing gender instead of their own bargaining.

I would be pissed if I was the men’s team.

The funny part here is that the woman’s national team are PISSED OFF that this is the result. They don’t want to share their prize money with the men. There’s a whole YouTube series that someone posted in a comment above, but it’s quite funny and really a bit pathetic how this all turned out.

When the women first brought this up, it was discovered that the women were the ones who fought for their current contract and rejected the mens contract that they were suing for. Then it was discovered that on top of this, they still got more money than the men… but this wasn’t good enough for them. They brought it back to courts for a 3rd time, and this is the result. Completely identical paychecks to the men, regardless of performance. The US soccer federation had enough and just gave them EXACTLY what they were asking for. Since the women win more often, this didn’t sit well with them.

However, for some reason or other, there is a portion of womens players who still got some sort of bonus payouts from the courts on the 3rd trial.

Should be an asterisk on the “Equal” part. The woman were already making more than the men per game and in total. They just wanted more money and cried sexism; Guess it worked.

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