U.S. Gun Generation Triples Due to the fact 2000, Fueled by Handgun Buys

U.S. Gun Manufacturing Triples Given that 2000, Fueled by Handgun Buys

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Definitely a good investment. Guns don’t lose too much value due to poorly run governments (unlike fiat, the stock market, crypto, etc) in fact the perform quite the opposite! I’ve been very bullish on guns lately.

Take a look at how disgusting awful violent crime ridden American cities have become and you see why gun sales are up! People don’t want to be victims

No, fueled by the fact that American police can’t protect citizens so they take up arms to protect themselves. Remember, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

“in the last decade over 2 million guns were reported stolen. Estimates range anywhere from 237,000 to 380,000 firearms are stolen every year from gun owners. Gun theft is also believed to be significantly underreported. Most states don’t require gun owners to report when their guns have been stolen.”

Good people buy guns to protect themselves from bad people with guns. Ironically good people buying guns are Also the source of guns for bad people.

I wonder who the police will shoot when the good guy with a gun is in a shootout with the badguy with a gun.


I wonder who the police will shoot when they see the good guy with a gun is black. “GANG VIOLENCE”

Yeah they’ve had two of the best marketing campaigns they could possibly have going on at the same time.

Mass shootings and politicians talking about gun control both sell lots of guns!

I remember when r/economy understood correlation =/= causation but apparently it’s just conservative memes now. Cool.

I recently bought an AR. I mean you gotta be stupid not to have a gun these days with the way crime and society are going

Still waiting for Obama and those evil demoncrats to take our guns away.

Wait, it hasn’t happened and we have more gun production than ever…????

You mean Republicans don’t know what they’re talking about and run on a platform of fear?! Color Me shocked!

What a stupid headline. Of course, handgun manufacturers will increase production to meet increased demand. That’s basic economics and does not need to be pointed out in a headline.

News plays nothing but horror stories because fear sells = people purchasing guns to protect from the bogey man.

It’s almost like the gun manufacturers planted the lies “Obama gonna take away your gunz.” RWNJ suckers.

It should be much more difficult to buy and own a firearm. They have more hurdles to getting a drivers license than owning a gun.

I’m a liberal with a permit. I have a pistol and an AR. I bought them when I saw groups like proud boys, oath keepers, and other right wing extremists organizing under the Trump administration. I am protecting my family against MAGAs. I practice regularly at the local range.

I saw three teen robbers with Glocks last week get shot at by a shop owner with a Glock as well.

My asspull take on this. More people, more guns, and more groups of people are beginning to own firearms. Likewise, hunting purposes have been vastly exceeded by people purchasing for home/personal defense purposes. The article’s goes on to mention that a lot of the ATFs questions from first time buyers were related to self defense.

I’m an immigrant myself, and I was used to being the only brown dude in Kansas at a gun store or a gun range, but as they years came to pass, I increasingly started seeing more minorities, and non-redneck white people owning and participating in the firearms industry/hobby. I’m in Texas now, and I see minorities going to safety courses, or sighting in their rifles in the next lane over at the distance ranges. Its actually kind of heartwarming. The 2A community was heavily white and conservative, and hell, our dollar is as good as anyone else’s, and we are there for self defense education. A lot of ARs I’m seeing for “Home Defense”, and when we’d get to talking, I’d find that thy’re renters like me. For reference, I store my armory at my family’s country property, and its just a shotgun and a pistol with me at the apartment, because for my level of marksmanship -and I’ve engaged in urban combat in Iraq, I am mindful that birdshot and hollowpoints are going to minimize overpenetration in a home defense scenario for my living circumstances.

I recreationally shoot. Got to hunt on people’s properties a couple of times. Did some volunteer varminting for farmers anywhere from hogs to pigeons, some coyotes. Bought and sold from/to FFLs -the legal license holders, and traded among friends and family. I’m not sitting on top of an armory, just several platforms for a range of uses. In particular, and its a purely personal perspective, I don’t want to ever get my ammunition platforms ever mixed up. As in, one centerfire rifle cartridge, one centerfire pistol cartridge (the lines between these two blur these days), one shotgun gauge, one rimmed centerfire cartridge, and the ubiquitous 22lr (rimfire cartridge): because you can catch most of your bad habits practicing with smaller cheap platforms. About the only thing I’d like for my collection is someday a lever-action that would compliment my revolver, both using the same rimmed centerfire cartridge, in this case .44 Remington Magnum. I spent years in between accumulating these things, because there’s a lot to choose from, and as I got more experience shooting, I came to learn which qualities meant most to me. I have two redundant firearms I’m more or less going to sell to an FFL in the future, otherwise, I’d have exactly one firearm per “caliber”/pupose I’m utilizing. They became redundant because my criteria evolved and I purchased their replacements. I found the right rifle for me, and the right concealable pistol for me.

Hell, what I’d wish for is for the ammunition industry to take off. I don’t stockpile for armageddon, and increasingly it is becoming a prohibitively expensive hobby. I’d do dry fire practice at home, select the ammunition, and go out to the range and fire limited groups, interpret the results, make adjustments, and keeping going till I’m satisfied. I’m not a natural shooter, for me its a perishable skill, and I’d have to go out every now and then to refine what was lost and see if I can get just a little bit better. Then there’s times where its just fun to arrange a shoot-around, and go plink some targets in someone’s field, ever mindful of what’s downrange or using a backstop.

Company makes more stuff, because there is a demand for more stuff!

You could have written that.

You only list two issues without any causation whatsoever.

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