Trump-backed Rep. Madison Cawthorn concedes North Carolina Republican primary race

Trump-backed Rep. Madison Cawthorn concedes North Carolina Republican primary race

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37 replies on “Trump-backed Rep. Madison Cawthorn concedes North Carolina Republican primary race”

I’m convinced the cocaine-fueled orgies are real given the smear campaign that took him down.

Glad he lost.

I just hope he appreciates what a fuck up he is. He could have had this seat as long as he wanted to and run for higher office if he was just a little bit less of an asshole

Little confused on what this means, does it mean he is now officially out of office in the near future? Or will he face someone else in November in the general election?

Get fucked you stupid little shit. Cawthorne is less than half a man and it has nothing to do with his disability.

Remember: it was the cross-dressing, gay sex and orgy comments that did him in, not his far-right views. *Let that sink in.*

Bahahahahahahaha. He got done in by his own party. They leaked all that stuff when this stupid mutherfucker talked about orgies and cocaine (which is, of course, all true)

Trump will mock him for conceding, call him a loser, and retroactively switch his endorsement to whoever won.

You gotta admire the tenacity of a guy who’s paralyzed from the waist down and yet still gets accused of sexual assault. I mean, that is a brother that is *committed* to the rape lifestyle.

Wild that he conceded.

Even wilder that that’s a thing we have to think about now.

Wilder still that he lost because his whistleblowing on cocaine-fueled orgies made the party too concerned about their reputation– not his multiple allegations of SA, history of gun-related crimes, or his apparent sympathies for white supremacists. Those were all apparently… fine.

Edit: autocorrect fail

His replacement; Chuck Edwards.

Notable goals;

– Ensuring parents decide what their children learn.

– Blaming Biden for the gas increase.

– Wants to abolish Sanctuary Cities.

So just your average Republican.

Such a shithead. I’m sure whoever won is also a shithead, but hopefully they aren’t gargling Trump’s balls.

Trump backed Nebraska Governor candidate also lost. Seems like the Trump cult has lost a lot of numbers.

Remember when his Russian bride left him a few months ago after less than a year of marriage because the pressure to “be with someone who is changing the world” was just too much? He he he.

Listen we love your nazi worshipping, your flagrant hate and racism is top notch, and your sexual assault numbers are getting up to where we want them, but you really screwed up when you talked about our coke-fueled orgies so you gotta go, sorry.

He was under-qualified for a Trump backed candidate to begin with. His ignorance hadn’t quite reached Taylor-Greene levels and his sexual deviance wasn’t as degenerate as a Matt Gaetz. Trump expects the best.

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