Trump Assumed China Experienced a “Hurricane Gun,” Senate Blocks Monthly bill to Codify Roe v. Wade: A Nearer Search

Seth normally takes a nearer glimpse at Trump inquiring if China experienced a hurricane gun and Senate Republicans blocking the Women’s Wellness Defense Act, a invoice that would codify abortion rights at the federal degree.

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Trump Thought China Had a “Hurricane Gun,” Senate Blocks Bill to Codify Roe v. Wade: A Closer Look – Late Evening with Seth Meyers

Late Evening with Seth Meyers


39 replies on “Trump Assumed China Experienced a “Hurricane Gun,” Senate Blocks Monthly bill to Codify Roe v. Wade: A Nearer Search”

It seems that regardless of political party, the capitalism mindset of Americans and corporate greed attached to it becomes a problem only in dire situations. The baby formula is an example. The monopoly on this product is insane if millions have to suffer while they still make profit margins. Feels like the pandemic was a money grab and DNA collection juggernaut. More people became rich from people suffering than actually improving the world.

The one thing democrats could do about this would be to focus on campaign finance reform to keep corporations from buying their candidates, but that is how they all are able to finance their road to power. So, with all the evidence pointing to this and other issues that target marginalized groups, when are they going to show some guts and selflessness to serve their country as best they can with the representative power their given and vote to protect everyone’s rights.

The chalk note left is in my neighborhood. I know myself and many other constituents are tired of Collins and her 26 year run as a senator. Time to step aside. She wouldn't stand up against Trump in any real manner, and she won't step up against this scotus decision either. Time to go ❤ 207

Do you ever wonder if the government has a decoy Book of Secrets they give out to joke presidents? Like, the real one is only for presidents who AREN'T insane, low-IQ, gremlin people? I know I wouldn't ever want to hand Trump the real secrets of America (or anything, actually lol)

I just want to point out that pretty much everybody says Trump claims that windmills cause cancer, but no, he claimed that the sound that windmills create causes cancer. (and he gives an impression; so wouldn't that be attempted murder in his mind?)

You know what this guy is such full of s*** he's up to his freaking ears I didn't vote for any of these presidents but I also I'm not as dumb as a liberal I seen them steal the election I also know front ran the country a hell of a lot better than any of these past presidents or pretender presidents they're puppets the American people need to wake up and wake up fast

Hurricane gun?! Oemgiii….I’m with Seth. I thought I’d lost the capacity to be shocked by Trump. Until you realize he’s the one and only self titled ‘Stable Genius’.

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