Toy Gun💀

Toy Gun💀

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What makes it worse is he thought he removed the potential danger by removing the magazine. What a clown.

So he forgot about the bullet in the chamber, but still wanted to make sure it’s clear so he put his fucking hand against it like he’s trying to stop it from hitting the floor in case the chamber isn’t clear lol

He looked dumb from the get go. He’s an idiot for playing like that around the kids and inside though, no matter how drunk he is.

Know how when there’s one in the chamber with your nerf gun, and you want it out? You put your hand in front the barrel and pull the trigger.

This mf did that with a 1911 🤣 🤣 🤣

Judging by the face, the lack of reaction and the way he was fascinated there was a hole in his hand… Opium.

He’s on drugs, most likely opium.

Look at everyone else at the ‘party’, they’re fucking cooked.
The kid is the only victim here.

Coming this Christmas to a theater near you….**A Pakistani Christmas Story**

*”You’ll shoot your eye out Yazeen!!!!”*

Ejected a magazine that wasn’t quite empty, there was a live round in the chamber immediately after firing the shot in the air. 13 year olds have better training than this dumbass. (13 roughly being the age I took hunters safety)

He took out the clip to empty it and then he’s like, “let me make sure it’s unloaded by shooting my own FUCKING HAND”

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