“Toughest career in the globe!”

“Toughest work in the environment!”

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Police spouse? I guess I don’t hang out with enough pigs to know that was a thing.

Also while both military and doctors work long hours, one does so out of the country for next to no money so, yeah…

Doctors have a sweet fucking gig, and their wives even more so. Well, until the doctor starts fucking the nurses and office manager. Not if, when.

Grew up in a family of doctors and I can tell you no doctor’s spouse that I knew was keen to advertise that fact. They don’t want to hear your gross medical questions and it’s not like there are “doctor discounts” the way there are police and military.

What about “military spouse’s boyfriend?” It aint easy stepping up the romance for 9 months knowing her husband could be killed for his country

I used to work at a call center and had this lady on the line and I addressed her as Mrs. and she says “um actually it’s Dr.” and I asked her what kinda Dr. she has and she said “I don’t but my husband is a doctor” so I said well you must’ve acquired yours in church then… she did not find that funny.

for context, in Germany you adress the wife of a Dr. as Mrs. Dr. xyz. (if they insist) no idea if u do that elsewhere.

oh nooooooo, you have to sit at home while your spouse is out working? how tough! must be soooooo horrible!

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