Tops Worker Suggests 911 Hung Up On Her In the course of Buffalo Mass Capturing

Tops Worker Says 911 Hung Up On Her Through Buffalo Mass Taking pictures

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That dispatcher needs to be charged with obstruction, felony endangerment (because they’re fucking stupid) and other crimes for this shit. Fucking scumbag to the highest degree.

>”When I whispered on the phone to 911, the dispatcher would start yelling at me saying ‘Why are you whispering? You don’t have to whisper.’ and I’m trying to tell her ma’am he’s in the store, he’s shooting, it’s an active shooter, I’m scared for my life,” Latisha said describing the call.

Does the dispatcher not understand “there’s an active shooter walking around next to me” means someone has to use their indoor voice?

I’ve read 911 call centers run pretty tight logs/recordings of every single call.

They need to pull log for this call and absolutely fire that dispatcher, if not also pressing some kind of charges.

Those wasted seconds/minutes very well could have cost someone’s life.

PSAP operators tend to be poorly trained and poorly equipped, and if NY’s county governments are anything like California’s, there’s not enough money budgeted to fix either problem.

NY state created a “public safety surcharge” which was supposed to go to improving PSAP operator training, but it ended up getting dumped into the general fund instead. The politicians just have other priorities.

“Yeah, right, buddy. Liquor store robbery, officer down. Sure. And I’m Edward G. Robinson.”

I know this isn’t the same but can you text 911? Might be helpful to someone in the future in this situation.

I called 911 once because a pretty violent fight was breaking out at my workplace. Security yelled to me to call, I called. Dispatcher proceeded to lecture me about “improper use of 911” then transferred me to a recording about improper use of 911. Nobody came.

One time I went into anaphylactic shock while I was running on a trail and called 9-1-1. My vision was going and I was super swollen and the dispatcher kept asking me in an annoyed tone if I was close to a random building. I had no clue and just said I think I made it to the road. She hung up on me and I sat down, convinced I was going to die. I called back and got a different person and I told her that I was dying and another dispatcher hung up on me and she said, “oh, she shouldn’t have done that” and then stayed on the line with me until paramedics showed up. I was super disappointed with the first lady, but at least I’m still alive

Once I landed after a flight from LAX to SFO and had apparently done something to piss off another passenger (to this day I have no clue what I did).

She cornered me near baggage claim and started screaming that her brother was in the parking garage and they were going to “kick my fucking ass” when I went out there. I’m a 120lb female lawyer – my fighting experience is nonexistent.

I called 911 while she was screaming at me (she screamed while I had the phone pressed to my ear). They answered but we got disconnected. No TSA agents, employees, or passengers stopped to help/film/gawk. Finally she wandered off.

I had a car parked in the garage so I thought I’d ask for an escort. I went to the help desk. Airport police said that was SFPD’s purview. I called 911 again and got lambasted for wasting 911’s time because this wasn’t an emergent issue (even though I had been on the phone with 911 while it was more emergent). Finally i just left my car in the garage and had my husband come get me.

I complained to SF emergency services, 911 dispatch center, the port authority, and delta (not that they did anything wrong other than not intervene when she was muscling her suitcase into me while we were deplaning). The port authority, 911 dispatch, and SF police responded with an apology. Delta gave me 25k skymiles.

And that was the end of it. Had my husband not been able to come get me, I’d have either braved the parking garage, called a cab (maybe not any safer), or slept on the floor of the terminal.

I don’t think 911 dispatchers or officers are inherently benevolent or interested. I think for most of them, it’s just a job (and that’s fine). But it makes me laugh at people who think people in these positions are somehow holier or more empathetic than the rest of us. At best, most of them are overworked and underpaid. At worst, they’re jaded and disinterested.

These calls are all recorded, right? Can we just have tape released? 911 isn’t supposed to hang up on ya.

One time I called 911 and was freaking the fuck out and had a similar experience. She didn’t hang up but she basically was like “I’ve got someone better than you on the other line – goodbye.” I assume that’s what happened here.

Aren’t all 9-1-1 calls recorded? They should be able to validate this if they do an audit. Then if it’s true, fire that dispatcher because oh boy, if there’s any sort of wrong way to be a dispatcher it’s that.

This doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve had to call emergency services twice in my lifetime and one of those times, the operator was really rude about the address I gave to the scene of the crime in progress and also hung up on me.

Do dispatchers get any training at all? I feel like understanding people’s habits when they’re in a dangerous situation would be one of the first lessons

Nothing says “fire me immediately” like a 911 operator hanging up on someone in need.

I accidentally confronted a man who had smashed in my window, and stripped the trim out of my car looking for a drug drop.

Yes I called 911 after I ‘thanked’ him for watching my car from the people who broke the window.

Yes 911 hung up on me when i said “my car is being broken into and I need a police officer right away.”

I called the direct line to the PD after I got away from the dude and it took an hour for them to roll a pair of cops to my door.

I have afriend whos a dispatcher and theres a culture of this antagonism towards the people theyre supposed to serve. If someone calls you and reports that tgeyre in send help. If you think it might be a prank or send help. It’s your fucking job

I’ve seen so many instances of people needing to whisper while calling 911. Couldn’t it be set up where if you call and need to whisper or can’t talk, you can just press 1 or something? Kinda like the automated lines do for language, etc? Is that not a thing anywhere?

I called 911 recently because a car drove off the road and rolled over. Once I finally got it across to her that a car on its side won’t drive it’s self out of a ditch, she was like, let me connect you to 911. I was like who have I been talking to this whole time?

Next we are going to have dispatchers hanging up on callers because they can’t hear them over all the shooting.

911 put me on hold while someone was actively trying to abduct me. I got away fortunately, and hid behind a bush in a backyard so the people couldn’t find me, but that was a terrifying experience. And because they didn’t pick up the phone for 40 minutes, they said there was no point in sending an officer out anymore since the kidnappers were long gone.

I unfortunately have multiple stories dealing with incompetent emergency response people.

One time we were in a busy outdoor shopping district and saw a guy pull a gun out wave it into the air and yelled about it to his friends. Then they took off down an alleyway. My husband called 911 because we were worried this person was about to start shooting in the busy area.

We said “they ran into an unmarked alley but it’s parallel to [major road] on the other side of the buildings. We then had to explain for five minutes what parallel was, and that no the alley did not have a street name.

Another time we witnessed a drunk hit and run at the beach. We got the license plate of the guy and a good description of the driver. We have the info to the owners of the cars he hit. We also for good measure decided to call the police non-emergency line to give a witness statement to help with insurance. The cop had a horrible attitude, insisted we tell her a street address (it happened in a public parking lot on the beach, there is no address), she also didn’t want to take a statement because it was too much work.

i called 911 when i found my father dead… the lady was annoyed that i decided to cry while talking to her. she put me on hold for 30 mins and i had to hang up and call again.

I swear 911 operators can vary between some of the dumbest and outright negligent people I’ve ever seen.

A year or two ago a few of my family members were stranded on a boat in a local lake. Because the marina’s recovery team were closed down for the evening, stranded boaters were encouraged to call 911 so the police could send out their own boat (in retrospect, it was probably just an excuse for police to play on the lake while on taxpayer’s dine but I digress). My family called 911 explaining the boat had no power near (very well-known landmark) and the operator hung up on them because they couldn’t name a street address… they were on a lake.

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