Tom Cruise Says He Would not Allow ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ to Debut on Streaming

Tom Cruise States He Wouldn’t Allow for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ to Debut on Streaming

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Why are there a bunch of people getting mad at this. Seems to be fine to want your movie to be presented in theatres first

I sat through like an entire five minute sequence of this movie and I feel like I’ve also been seeing trailers of it for like a year. However you release it, just do it already. I’m really tired of seeing Miles Teller’s dumb mustache every time I go to the theaters.

My pops would have loved to see this or even have known it was gonna exist. He LOVED Top Gun he talked about it his whole life. I’ll watch it for him hoping his ghost is sitting next to me with his arm over my shoulder 😭😭😭😭😭

I like the classic excitement of going to theaters, but I enjoy having the power to pause a movie to take a piss and go smoke some weed whenever I want. I think the best of both worlds option is what they did for The Batman – 1.5 months in theatres and then immediately added to a streaming service – but I think that might be more of a rare case because Warner has their own streaming service

it’s been really funny hearing my parents who’re in their 50s talk about this movie like it’s the next Star Wars or Marvel movie. they’re absolutely fucking pumped that one of their favorites is getting a sequel and for the past year I’ve had to hear “when’s Top Gun coming out” so I’m excited to finally take them next weekend.

I saw an advance screening of this in IMAX last night, and Tom is completely justified for this. See this on the biggest screen you possibly can. The flight sequences and the final set-piece are absolutely *immaculate*. As someone who feels completely indifferent about the original Top Gun, this movie is *far, far* better than it has any right to be. Undoubtedly blows the original out of the water.

Recently I heard him talk about the decisions he made regarding the soundtrack. And now this.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an actor have so much decision-making power over a film he’s in. I wonder what kind of a contract he signs that gives him that much power. Good for him!

I’m just glad he’s not waiting for the AMC laser projector upgrades. I’m jacked to the tits to see this movie on the big screen. I have a 120″ screen at home and there’s no way I’m seeing it on that small of a screen.
Then again, I’m also in my 50’s.

Dude even did a PSA asking people to turn off frame interpolation on their plasma TVs for a more cinematic experience. I can dig that level of aesthetic appreciation!

FYI – Frame interpolation is that super smooth visual look meant to to ‘smooth out stutters’ for sports, but looks more like video than film.

I wonder if Tom Cruise stands looking in the mirror saying things like “I’m Tom Cruise, and I won’t allow it.” I feel like he might.

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