To this working day I continue to don’t know how Lucil survived this?

To this working day I nevertheless don’t know how Lucil survived this?

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Can you see that armor? It is Sin’s atomizing blast proof.


What do you think the Crusaders are? Just some lousy chocobo mounted army that has no way in hell to ever defeat Sin?

Over a decade of wondering for me on this. Maybe she just reformed herself Dr. Manhattan style.

Or, Lucil is unsent!

Or, Lucil is a memory made by pyreflies!

Or everyone is hallucinating Lucil’s existence because of Sin’s toxin! (Ignore ffx-2 for this one)

Tidus is still technically narrating en media res at this point, maybe he misremembered!

Okay, I’m done.

Simple, just think in game mechanics instead of realism.
She probably had a higher level/stats. Seeing how she’s also higher ranked.

It was the Spyro Defense, she and her chocobo are shorter than the others so Sin’s blast went over their heads. It’s also why she’s in the foreground here, if she was further back, she’d be dwarfed by the others.

More plausible reason, she was just to the side of the blast.

Might’ve been a different part of the battlefield, or she drew back before that happened. She is a commander, after all.

My take – she didn’t. She’s an unsent. With there being so many wondering about spiral wouldn’t surprise me

Ive played this game for years, and to this day, I still have no answer to this lol

I like the unsent theory, I just wish it had some weight to in it an NPC dialogue later on, like how we see Luzzu or Gatta die and the other having to live with them being gone.

I went into this cutscene just the other day thinking she was the one who dies but it was that other guy from Besaid.

The “unsent” theory is pretty cool – never heard of that one. Alternatively, it’s possible that she was shielded from the blast somehow: If she was unhorsed (would unchocoboed be the right word? haha) and got knocked underwater at the right moment when the blast came through, or was fighting on the beach near a large rock or something else that deflected the blast around her.

They don’t just say, “Crusaders, Crusaders, gather ’round! We’ll beat Sin into the ground!” for nothing.

Honestly they probably just forgot she was in that cutscene, happens to the best. Either that or she just got scared and ran for it and somehow got away.

Probably the water. She was likely unintentionally or intentionally under the water since it looks like sin fires above the water line and the attack doesn’t seem to drift down

The way I always thought of it was that she was shielded by the other chocobo knights in front of her.

You see people getting vaporised by the blast in the cut scene but you find a lot of dead bodies on the beach after it so it clearly didn’t vaporise everyone.

I always thought as a kid that this was more of a special effect to show how devastating Sin’s attack was and that she wasn’t directly hit. Like when Gatta finds his friend Luzzu he was torn in half. Also others on the beach survived as well.

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