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Why in the world are you not including Stranger Things S4 Part 1 and why in the world do you assume I’m not watching all of these in the same day?

I wish that we knew the canon order to watch them in more than anything. I don’t wanna get my theatrical experience spoiled by a show or vice versa.

Gene: Dad I just learned that Teddy is a Sith Lord

Bob: *sigh* Teddy a Sith Lord? That’s ridiculous.

Never got into Bob’s Burgers. Art style just isnt for me. Looking forward to Kenobi though, I think its going to be great!

I might watch Stranger Things first because it’ll have all of part 1. While Kenobi is just two episodes

Jokes on you: I’m still not caught up on Book of Boba Fett, and I’ve never watched Bob’s Burgers.

Though, I used to actually live very close to an actual [Bob’s Burgers]( in California. So when I first heard about the show, I wondered if they were inspired by Bob’s Burgers.

top gun maverick at midnight, obi wan at 3am, bobs burgers in 10 years when i finally get around to watching the show

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