Tim Dillon and Luis Gomez conversing about The Gringo Papi

Tim Dillon and Luis Gomez speaking about The Gringo Papi

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Every week is a wave with this sub. Something happens and I’m like “can’t get better”, then BAM some bomb on Friday. This is, fantastic. Dillon and Luis essentially just questioned the entire existence of Brendan the comedian in such a cutting and demeaning way. Truly a master piece right here

I don’t get the cats in here who don’t like Tim Dillon. If not him then who you like, b?

Out of all the criticism Brenda has received for the bapi gringo, I think this one will hurt the most

He’s like the stand up version of alex jones. Good in small doses. His pods would be better capped at 30 minutes

>he’s a 6’6″ adonis

i thought luis had issues with rogan, sounds like he’s been watching a lot tho

I love the more chill Louis J Gomez without any filter. He used to care so much about what LA Comics especially Joe thought of him but now he just goes off in the best ways

The funny thing is if Brendan just did what he told others to do and stay in your lane b.

He could have stayed more humble like when he was getting regular head beatings in the ufc. Done his podcast with Callen, talking about the ufc, telling dick jokes and stealing Adam Sandler movie quotes. Things would have probably been going along ok, wouldn’t have been too hard if he didn’t spend money like a mental patient to have made enough money to retire on fairly easily.

Laughed when he gave respect for him “trying” to get good at standup. it’s like when your artist friend has a new show up…but it’s in the local coffee shop, not an art gallery.

This is so accurate. He became a comedian because Bryan pushed him into it. Then Joe started leaning into it and having him open for him. He wasn’t good enough to hang in the UFC so he took the paychecks that came with doing comedy. I remember when there were only, like, a few podcasts in 2013 and this was one of them that I listened to. The stories about always wanting to be a comedian are just more weird lies. And now he’s here.

This is the most I’ve ever been exposed to Tim Dillons pawldcas, so I have a genuine question. Does he always talk over his guests like that?

They are ignoring how cocky he was. Anytime anyone said you are new, or working on it, he would go straight to, oh ya, how many teegts you sell?

He couldn’t even accept working with Calleen on the road. ego was too big 18 months into stand up.

One thing I would disagree on, is you can put out as many specials as you want in modern time. Why not? Its just a youtube video. The mistake he made was bragging about it, talking about it non stop, doing a press run for it, crying about it, and buying marketing for it. Why not just go, here is a fun set I did at the end of my gringo pappi tour.

Add another one to the kitchen. Ill add this. To anyone that complains about the constant posts about bapa. Why not? It is VERY topical. And guess what. Podcasts talk about people and things. If they didnt there would be nothing to talk about. Hell rogan has talked about depp/heard every episode this week. Sorry just an off topic rant from what i notice lately.

His pawldcasting is as bad as his cawlmedy and he knows nothing about MMA. But at least a few people now dare to test the wadders with regards to being criddgul of him.

This is the most accurate assessment of comedy I’ve ever heard.

I’ve watched comedy since I was 12 years old getting stoned renting Eddie Murphy’s Delerious and comedy has definitely gotten to a point of borderline cringey at best, and a blatant drift with merchandise and memeing their podcasts.

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